People Who Live In Remote Places Describe The Creepiest Things They’ve Experienced In The Wilderness

People who live in remote areas know that sometimes too much quiet can make your mind race. However, some experiences stick with people long after they occur because of the degree of creepiness. On Reddit, plenty of people who live in rural areas share their scary stories for the rest of us to freak out over.

We know that often strange people linger around woods, parks, and other desolate areas. And we have all heard plenty of the kind of creepy stories that backpackers experience. However, the stories listed below are more than a little unpleasant to read because the people who suffered them weren't just out and about anywhere - they were at their homes.

Imagine living in the woods, and looking up from your bathtub to see a face looking back at you. Or imagine finding someone in your home wearing a pillowcase over their face. The terrifying real-life stories below are the stuff of nightmares.

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    They Caught A Stranger Taking Creepy Selfies In Their Home

    From Redditor u/---annon---:

    My husband worked nights so I'd be alone on a huge acreage. One night I go into the kitchen to make tea and I look outside to see the moon and there is a face on the other side of the window. I scream and it wakes up my aging husky who starts to howl. Dude bolts. I call the cops and wait forever locked in my pantry.

    Next day my husband and I ride on horseback our whole property. We find a small make shift cabin on the northwest corner. We find stuff stolen from our laundry line and canned stuff from our kitchen. He had pinned up selfies in the cabin he had taken while in our bed and sitting at our daughter's child-sized dinner table.

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    A Smiling Face In The Window 20 Feet Above Ground

    From Redditor u/KGRanch:

    When we first moved in here, I kept thinking I'd hear someone walking in the house while I was alone (it's a flood zone, so the house is on stilts and you can hear footsteps when anyone walks across the floor). Of course, this is Texas so I'd just grab my handgun and go see if someone had come in (also, my mother in law has a key and when she drops in and leaves things for the family she sometimes won't relock the door).

    I kept feeling like I was going to walk into a room and someone would be there. Just feeling oddly watched all day for a few days. My husband didn't think anything of it and one night he jumped out of bed, grabbed his handgun, and started going through the house slamming all the doors wide open. He said he heard banging in the kitchen like someone was going through the pantry. He was adamant he had heard someone. Nothing, doors still locked.

    My niece got home from her grandmother's house and a few nights later asked if she could sleep on a cot in our room. She's a teenager, not a small kid, so I asked her what was wrong. She didn't want to tell us because we "wouldn't believe her." Just that she didn't want to be alone. She said she heard banging in the kitchen and when she heard that or felt like someone was in the house she would see a man in the window of her room so she basically noped out and came to us.

    We let her stay, and the next day we were all a little uneasy. My husband, a notorious nonbeliever in the paranormal, came in looking shaken and said he had closed her door after bringing her laundry into the room and a man had been smiling at him in the window. The windows on the house are almost 20' in the air because of the stilts the house sits on.

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    A Hooded Stranger Appeared In The House

    From immajusthrowthisaway:

    I grew up in the middle of the woods in Louisiana. Our closest neighbor was 20 miles away. Our house was on a hill, and at the bottom was the creek that went through the woods for miles and miles. My grandfather would always tell us there were people living in the woods, crazy, inbred folks, on some "The Hills Have Eyes sh*t", but I always assumed he was just trying to creep us out.

    So one night when I was like eight-years-old, I sat in the living room watching Pearl Harbor. My father comes into the living room and tells me not to move, that he heard footsteps and the back door slam shut on his way to the bathroom. He thinks someone was in the house, and that he scared them off when he walked down the hallway to the bathroom. So he leaves the house, leaving the front door wide open which scared the sh*t outta me. 

    I pause the movie, and just listen to silence for a couple minutes. And, of course, the guy is still inside. I'm staring out of the doorway to the living room, and see the top of a head peek around the corner. A head with a white sheet over it, cut and tied at the neck. I'm paralyzed, and even if I wanted to run there'd be nowhere to go but towards this creepy ass dude. He just stares at me for what feels like forever before he leaves towards the back of he house. The backdoor slams again. I just sit there and start crying, until my father comes back inside.

    My dad tells me that as he rounded the corner to the back of the house, he caught the guy leaving out the back door. The guy sees my dad, and books it down the hill. Then there's a gunshot. According to father, my grandfather had been sitting on his porch next door, and saw the guy walking toward our house, so he grabbed his gun, got back outside in time to see the guy running down the hill, and shot the dude in the leg. The guy fell, then got back up again before my grandfather could take another shot, and disappeared into the woods.

    By the time the cops show up, he is gone. They search but can't find the guy. They do find a rundown sort of shack a mile or so into the woods, filled with nothing but pots and pans, so that was weird.

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    The Peeping Creep From Nowhere Came Looking For Something

    From Redditor u/pedazzle:

    When I lived way out in the middle of nowhere, Australia, Nothing but desert outside, nearest neighbours were about 10km away. Our place was at the end of a long dirt road with only our house no others, so no one came down there unless they were there specifically to visit us.

    I was taking a bath one night, look up and see a man's face staring at me through the window. Freaked the f*ck out, got out of the bath, robe on, etc., and told SO who said I probably imagined it, especially since that window was so high up no one could reach it from outside (house on stumps).

    I made him go look out there and yeh, someone had gone to our shed, which was a good 500metres away from the house, got some wooden pallets, stacked them up and peeped through my window. If it were a random peeper in an easier accessible location like a suburb, it probably would have weirded me out a little but then got over it, but the amount of work this guy had to go to makes me remember him to this day. And wonder how the hell he got out there with no car, did he just live on our property or nearby in the bush somewhere?

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    She Woke To Find A Man Watching Her From The Woods

    From Redditor u/bhsgrad2015:

    When I was younger, about five, me and my family lived in a big house that was in the woods. My bedroom was on the first floor, with a window about 15 ft wide and six ft tall. Huge window. It was so oddly large that we could never find curtains or blinds for it, so I just had a bare window, which was fine because like I said, we were in the middle of the woods.

    I woke up in the middle of the night with that feeling of being watched, and I saw a man wearing all black, standing at my window, watching me. I screamed, and when I screamed he ran off into the woods.

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    An Irish Stalker Followed This Child For Miles

    From Redditor u/itsmekathy:

    When I was young, my grandmother lived in a very rural part of Ireland and my brother and I were sent to visit her for a couple of weeks every summer. Frequently my grandmother would send us out to do little jobs for her - bring bread or jam to neighbours, or to collect turf for the fire.

    One summer's day she gave me a loaf of bread and sent me to a house about three or four miles away. The laneway to the house was narrow and lined by thick hedges and as I was walking, I became aware of a man within in the hedges who was watching me and walking the laneway with me. I was extremely frightened and ran the rest of the way. I think the woman of the house knew that something had frightened me when I arrived - she made me tea and sandwiches with my grandmother's bread and let me stay and play with her dogs until her eldest son got back so he could drive me back to my grandmother's house. Thanks, Mrs. Staunton!

    I still don't know who it was that was watching and following me or how long they had been doing so before I noticed

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