10 Creepy Stories From Seances That Seemed A Little Too Real

Almost everyone is curious about what happens beyond the grave. Some are so eager to know that they try to reach the other side before they pass. Seances are a means of trying to communicate with spirits who have passed. These ceremonies, led by a medium or other spiritual guide, claim to connect people with ghosts or other entities to learn about their unfinished business, their life after, or how to go on without them. Sometimes, they're conducted through a spirit board or other means of communication, while others are simply done by a spiritually sensitive person inviting a spirit to overtake their bodies.

Seances have a long history in cultures around the world, however, not every attempt at communication with the afterlife goes as planned. Even experienced mediums may run into an unpleasant spirit from time to time, and those who have no experience whatsoever may find themselves overwhelmed by a strong-willed entity with an inclination to do harm.

These allegedly true stories from seances suggest that communication with those who have passed is not always in our best interests. From accidentally unleashing a demon on your girlfriend to cursing your band's next album, dabbling too heavily in spirit communication can have dire consequences. These seance stories will make you think twice about lighting a few candles and bringing out that dusty old Ouija board from your closet.

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  • A Seance Gone Wrong Inspired The Conjuring Movie

    If you've seen The Conjuring, you have some idea of what happened in the life of Andrea Perron. But the film didn't tell the whole story.

    In 1971, Perron and her family moved to a house in Harrisville, RI. They soon discovered that the house was filled with spirits who hadn't yet passed on due to continuous unexplained phenomena happening. Scared for their lives, the Perron family called upon paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. They promised to try to help the family get the spirits out. 

    When a medium performed a seance, it went dreadfully wrong. She summoned a spirit that went after Perron's mother, Carolyn, throwing her around the house with such force that she sustained a concussion. Perron said, "It was the most terrifying night of my life." After the seance, the family no longer experienced severe supernatural events. Andrea Perron has written three books about the hauntings experienced by her family in their Harrisville home

  • Britain's Last Witch Revealed A Military Secret

    In 1941, psychic Helen Duncan was approached by a mother looking for news of her son, a soldier in the British Royal Navy. Duncan held a seance to conjure up any spirits with news of the man. She revealed that the young man had been lost in the sinking of the battleship HMS Barham . Remarkably, the ship's sinking hadn't yet been revealed to the public to prevent a loss of morale in the difficult days of WWII.

    Among the people at the seance were two lieutenants of the Navy. They were immediately suspicious of Duncan, prompting two undercover police officers to attend another seance. The officers promptly detained her, and Duncan was tried under section 4 of the Witchcraft Act of 1735, which forbade deceitful spiritual activity. She was the last person to be tried for witchcraft before the Act's repeal in 1951.

  • Reports Of 'Zozo' Have Appeared Around The World

    Individual stories of spirit contact are creepy enough, but even more eerie is the number of people who claim to have contacted an entity named Zozo. The spirit is most known for having intimate knowledge of people's lives and for its ability to manipulate people and objects to cause harm.

    The entity's origins are murky, but people around the world claim to have interacted with it during seances while using spirit boards or while practicing auto writing. Sometimes, Zozo is a mere trickster, while other times it has reportedly possessed people and caused harm. The entity is a special interest to paranormal researcher Darren Evans, whose website and blog have become a hub for reports of Zozo activity. 

    Whatever the cause, if a spirit identifies itself as Zozo, it might be best to slide that planchette over to "Goodbye."

  • A Ouija Board Experiment Almost Doomed An Album Release

    Experimental rock group The Mars Volta almost canceled an entire album due to a supposedly cursed spirit board. After guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López picked up a Ouija board in Jerusalem and the band used it, they started experiencing strange happenings, including tracks disappearing from the computer, two floods in the studio, equipment ruined, and a valued engineer quitting.

    True to form, the band channeled the strange events into their album "The Bedlam in Goliath," released in 2008. Rodríguez-López buried the board to avoid any future incidents, and the band released two more albums before breaking up in 2013.

  • A Fake Seance Got Unexpectedly Real For A Magic Shop Employee

    Bradford J. Angers, a magic store employee and psychology student, got more than he bargained for when a customer paid him $100 to perform a fake seance complete with sounds and visuals. With the aid of a partner, Angers set out to create an entirely fabricated seance that appeared real. Angers pulled it off without a hitch, with disembodied voices speaking predictions about the attendees's loved ones from a mist that formed in the center of the table.

    Once it was over, Angers went to help his partner disconnect the equipment they used to produce the special effects, only to find that his partner and the equipment had been locked outside the entire time. Whatever happened during the seance had nothing to do with their plans.

  • A Ouija Board Connected Users To Heaven And Hell

    Some Ouija board experiments are fun ways to spend a harmless Saturday night, but others can be eerie. This Reddit user described an experience on an army base when dabbling with a Ouija board led her and a group of friends to contacting a spirit named Sheryl.

    This spirit said she perish in a car accident and was searching for her boyfriend. After continuing to use the board, they managed to get in touch with the boyfriend, who said he was sorry and he loved her very much but couldn't explain why he was sorry. The group contacted a third spirit who said that the reason the boyfriend was sorry was because he was in hell and the girlfriend was in heaven. At that moment, all of the candles in the room flickered out.