Unspeakable Times

Stories That Should Convince You To Never (Ever) Hitchhike

The idea of hitchhiking across the world and relying on the kindness of strangers to get you from point A to point Z is a romantic one. But for every cinematic story of people meeting at a truck stop and becoming fast friends, there are hundreds of real-life hitchhiking horror stories. The stories listed here should convince you that hitchhiking is simply not safe. Not only can you get hit by a car or have all your money stolen, but you could end up being a sex slave who sleeps in a coffin under your captor’s waterbed for close to a decade. Or you could end up dead.

The open road is a beautiful place where you can make friends that you’d otherwise never meet and have adventures that will change your life. But there are also extreme dangers to traveling with strangers on highways and backroads. No matter how trustworthy or well-intentioned a driver might seem, it's nearly impossible to tell if they are actually a predator or murderer, preying upon innocent hitchhikers.