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21 People Describe The Most Traumatizing Horrors They've Ever Experienced

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While all sorts of terrifying events leave their scars on people, both emotionally and mentally, it takes only creepy sounds or scary sights to haunt a person forever. In an instant, a sight or a sound can change someone. Though many times scary images and sounds suggest something supernatural, most of the Reddit users below detail everyday lives interrupted by gruesome tragedies. These are the creepy stories that remind everyone of how easily fate and circumstance can disturb the tranquility of day-to-day existence. You may not be able to fathom many of the unsettling tales these Redditors speak of, but you'll never forget them after this.

  • Walked In On A Friend's Suicide

    From Otown-girl:

    "In the 8th Grade one of my friends missed school and I was worried because he wasn't answering any texts or phone calls, so I walked to his house to check up on him. Even walking there I knew something was wrong, I had a horrible twisting in my stomach - I thought I was going to be sick. We were very good friends that had gotten accustomed to just walking into each other's houses - the place was like a second home to me - so that's what I did.

    When I walked in (around 3:30 PM) the house was a type of silence I will never forget. It wasn't the 'sleeping household' silence. I walked very slowly towards his room but before I got to it I saw the blood on the tile of the bathroom. I will always haunt me how much blood there was. He was slumped beside the toilet, covered in vomit and blood, his hair was sticking to his face, he was cold and clammy. He had tried to overdose on some type of medication, but I guess he started throwing up so he slit his wrist vertically halfway down his forearm.

    I tried to beg him to breathe but he was already grey. I tried to hold the gash together to stop the bleeding but it wasn't really bleeding anymore. I sat on the bathroom floor and wiped his hair from his face and tried to clean the blood off of his hand with my sleeve and I held his hand before it really clicked that I was sitting with a dead body.

    When it did I frantically called 911 and I was too distraught to give them very much information other than that I was 13 and that he was dead. At this point I had gone into the hallway but when the operator told me to go outside so that they could find the house I put the phone down and went back to my friend. I remember sitting there holding his hand, silently waiting for the paramedics. But I was told later they were able to find the house because one of the neighbors called in saying they could hear screaming coming inside.

    I will never forget seeing my childhood best friend slumped in a heap of vomit and blood and I will never ever forget that smell."

  • A Plane Crashed Into The Apartment Building Next Door

    From tizod:

    "A single engine plane crashed into an apartment building a few doors down from where I lived at the time. I was one of the first people on the scene. I just stood there frantically trying to call 911 but couldn't get through. A man emerged from the building and started coming straight for me.

    He looked like a character from a cartoon who just had a bomb go off in their face. His hair was smoking and his face was blackened. He came to me screaming with both hands stretched out before him. The skin on his hands was melted away and hanging from what was left.

    He screamed, and I screamed. I had no idea what to do. Thankfully a women showed up who had some kind of training and she proceeded to treat him for shock. I probably could have used some treatment myself.

    In the end only the occupants of the plane and an elderly Holocaust survivor who lived in the building perished."

  • The Car Bomb Exploded Right Outside The House

    From TasteTheRainbowFlag:

    "Both saw, and heard, but also smelled:

    When I was 12 there was a bomb right outside my house. It was a car bomb and a few people died. That morning, an entire street was inside our house/on the lawn (glass shattered, closets thrown everywhere etc..). And when we made our way to the roof, we could see a dissipating mushroom cloud, along with being haunted by the smell of burning flesh.

    Some things will never be erased from my mind, and this is melted into it."

  • Saw A Hang Glider Fall Out Of The Sky

    From Koulyone:

    "I was about 15 when my mother took me to watch some hang gliders flying in southern Cal. We were watching this one guy about 150 feet up when his glider just collapsed. (It was theorized that he was attempting a dangerous stunt when the rig collapsed.) I watched as he frantically tried to grab some part of the rig as he was falling. He landed about 50 yards from me. When I got to him, I knew he was dead. I will never forget that."