Fishermen And Sailors Describe the Creepiest Things They've Seen at Sea

Some seriously creepy, unexplainable stuff has happened out there on the ocean open - and a few times there have been people lucky (or unlucky?) enough to have witnessed it. Here we've collected the creepiest things the sailors, seapeople, and fisherpeople of Reddit have seen out in the middle of the sea - and lived to tell anonymous strangers on the internet. 

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    Sailor comes across errant suicide in the middle of the ocean

    "I came across a man who'd hung himself on his boat five or six miles off shore about four or five years ago.

    The eery and truly creepy part was realizing what it was. We just saw a boat out in the middle of ocean's nowhere without anything other than blue horizon in sight, at the break of dawn, and there was fairly thick fog, as it had rained the night before.

     Realizing that the figure hanging from the boom was a man was one of the most haunting things I'll ever see."

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    Entire crew of downed ship is doomed

    "One of my uncles was on a sub in the south pacific during WWII. After they'd sink a ship they'd surface. The crew of the enemy ship would swim to their sub and clung to it as it submerged. Many sleepless nights filled with nightmares of men pounding, scratching and screaming as they slowly drowned."
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    Lifelong sailor describes the effects of fog

    "Fog at sea at night really f*cks up your senses. Everything is quiet and you can't see anything but the boat immediately around you. You keep looking for lights on other ships and listening for fog horns or the sound of engines in the distance and your brain starts playing all manner of tricks on you. In a busy shipping lane it's a serious business and in a very real way it could be life or death if you miss a ship that hits you and sinks you. You start to see lights everywhere around you. You start hearing engines creeping up on you. You stop your boat and cut the engine to see if you're hearing anything real and you enter an even stranger world of sensory deprivation. It's eerie as hell."
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    Seemingly impossible thing happens in ocean depths

    "My dad's crew was shark fishing off the bank of a smaller tanker ship, basically attaching meat chunks to hooks and throwing them off the back to trawl in the ocean (South east asia/australia area). My dad for fun made up this large (steel alloy? Described it as being incredibly durable) hook to use. They attach a large chunk of meat too it and throw it off the back. A while later they haul it back in, only to find the meat is gone and the hook is bent completley straight. There was nothing it could have snagged on in the deep ocean as the boat was driving through.

    My dad and the crew were sufficinently unerved, to think that something large down there could bend a large hook like that."