15 Travelers Share The Scariest Experiences That Made Them Never Return To A Destination

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If you've ever had a bad travel experience and never want to set foot in that place again, then you are going to identify with this list. Check out these scary travel stories that will probably make you never want to visit those destinations.

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    Narrowly Escaped A Shark In Egypt

    From Redditor u/Sciirof:

    Egypt. Went swimming with a group in beautiful coral reefs (being careful with the reef of course) we saw a few large sharks in the distance. Decided it was best to return. One stranger didn’t return. Saw the whole thing happen and it was quite horrifying.

    PS. Sharks don’t regularly go after humans but I can assure you when they do the aftermath is something you’d never want to see.

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    Could Have Been Taken In The Texas Desert

    From Redditor u/TheLightningCount1:

    Throughout high school, me and some friends had these trips to the south Texas desert near the border. We would camp out in the wilderness and shoot or build a bonfire.

    We graduated in 04. Our last trip was in 05 and we had a really scary experience. For those that don't know, deserts actually get cold at night due to lack of humidity. So we had a campfire going and three guys came out of the darkness into the light of the campfire.

    No hello. No what's up. In very basic English, the first guy says. "You come with us." This was not a request. We politely declined and another guy said. Something in Spanish and was extremely angry. The first guy said to come with them again. We refused and he stepped forward.

    My friend panicked and pulled his double-barrel out. Screamed we weren't going anywhere. The English-speaking guy simply said. "Ok. Ok. Stay." As he backed up. They left and we quickly put out the fire. I made sure everyone grabbed their wallets and phones. (Old razor flip phones) We got the hell out of there and sprinted towards the car. As we were driving away we saw 3 sets of headlights driving over the flats. We turned off the car's lights and drove in darkness on the road until we lost sight of them.

    We drove to a sheriff's office to report what had happened. We were told that if our story was true, it's a REAL good thing we did not go with them.

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    Creepy Encounter At A Secluded Beach In Puerto Rico

    From Redditor u/Jedi_Among_Sith:

    This happened in Puerto Rico back in 03. I would often take long drives to random and secluded or closed beaches at night so I could study in peace. One night while I was out studying I just happened to glance at my rearview mirror and saw that a firearms deal was taking place right behind me. Apparently, they weren’t concerned about the presence of a witness, which I found to be a huge red flag. Without turning on my headlights, I crept out of that spot and drove off. No one followed me. Definitely ranks in my top ten creepiest encounters.

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    Bullet Holes In The Car Window In Illinois

    From Redditor u/Aftershock5150:

    Olney, Illinois. Had my car windows (left rear and rear) taken out as I was traveling south and approaching a railroad overpass. Bullet entered through the left rear window and exited out the rear window. I continued south until I was able to pull into a convenience store to examine the damage and to call the local police. When the police arrived, they looked at the holes in my windows and said 'Hmm, this hasn't happened for a couple of months now.' So it must be a somewhat regular thing in Olney Illinois for the cop to be so blase about it. I will never go back to that place.

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    Terrifying Retreat In Peru

    From Redditor u/Creamofzucchini:

    I went to an ayahuasca retreat in Peru. The retreat itself was amazing and I'd recommend it to every living person. It was held pretty deep in the Amazon and in order to get there, you have to either pay for a group bus or take a small motorbike taxi. No one is really willing to drive that far otherwise. After the retreat was over I had a couple of days to stay and relax before I came back to the states. The girl that I bunked with had some time as well and we decided to go into Tarapoto, the nearest town, and just adventure around a while. We shopped and ate and took a tour through a chocolate factory. She was staying in a hotel in town to catch her early morning flight the next morning so I took a motorbike taxi back to the jungle alone. About halfway down the road, the driver stopped and a man holding an AR came up the cab and started asking me questions about where I was going and what I was doing, etc. I was completely alone with the driver, who stopped for this guy and the guy with the really big AR in the middle of the Amazon. I was beyond terrified. The whole ordeal lasted less than 5 minutes and ended with me paying the other guy a "toll" of 10 soles (I think less than $8 usd, not completely sure on the conversion). The driver insisted I had to do this, so I did and we thankfully drove away. A few miles later the driver stopped again and I almost had a heart attack, he insisted he had something to show me and that I should get out of the cab, so I did. It might have been stupid, I still don't know what the right thing to do was. He took me to the edge of the road where there was a cliff and below was the spot where a smaller river smashes spectacularly into the face of the Amazon River. It was among the most beautiful and fantastic things I saw in Peru. We stood in silence and watched the rivers merging for a while before he safely delivered me back to the retreat. It was a scary ride, but man what a f*cking story.

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    A Dark Trip Down The Little Woods Exit In Louisiana

    From Redditor u/thien228:

    Little Woods exit in Louisiana. It was dark, every sign and street lamp had bullet holes in it. The same night had a car burned on the side of the road. Apparently, someone was burned in the trunk of the car that night. I’ll never take that exit again even if there is daylight with police presence.