Creepy And Sinister Trees That Look Like They Grew Out Of The Pits Of Hell

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Despite National Geographic and the Discovery Channel's best efforts, nature still freaks people out. If you thought your local forest consisted of Bambis and Grandmother Willows, you should acquaint yourself with these creepy trees from hell. Freaky trees, though they likely don't realize it, look like they grew straight out of Dante's Inferno, reaching upwards towards Paradiso to block out the sunshine in your life. Everyone loves local flora and fauna until they start seeing trees with eyes and bloated, humanoid-esque limbs. While maybe not as openly dangerous or frightening as hostile plants of the world, scary looking trees only need to rely on their twisted branches and hunched trunks to convince you they're Audrey 3.0.

The photos of scary trees below reveal just how awfully sinister Mother Nature gets when she feels especially witchy. Should you ever come across one of these frightening trees, definitely turn the other way, unless you're trying to stumble across Pan's Labyrinth.