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Unspeakable Times
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The Scariest Unsolved Crimes And Mysteries From Maine

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When most people think of Maine and mysteries, Stephen King's horror stories come to mind. Those take place in fictional locations across the state, but there are a number of real and disturbing unsolved Maine mysteries. While Maine certainly isn't the only state with an eerie history - the unsolved mysteries in Texas alone are staggering - it certainly does have its fair share of mystifying atrocities.

One of the state's earliest publicized mysteries is the disappearance of a plane flown by Charles Nungesser and François Coli in 1927 - people heard it and found pieces of the wreckage, but no one saw it happen, and its pilots remain missing. In another tale, four men claimed aliens took them from a canoe in 1976 before returning them to Earth. The state also has its share of odd disappearances and slayings with no leads. Perhaps the eeriest of the unsolved crimes in Maine involves the theory that a maniac targets young men in the state, but law enforcement has not announced any connection between the slayings of these individuals.

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