Walking Dead Walker Run-Ins That Made You Pee a Little

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Warning: Spoilers lurk throughout this list. 
If you’re big and bad, maybe nothing scares you, but many fans find the Walking Dead scary sometimes. You tell yourself, “It’s only a TV show,” but somewhere in your reptilian brain there’s a twitch. The Walking Dead walkers are just so well-executed, your disbelief is suspended to the moon and back.  
When Maggie and Aaron were in that sewer tunnel and those walkers came out of the walls, for example. What about when little Meghan was playing in the mud and we found out that walkers might be underground anywhere? Or when Carl got all cocky and was nearly eaten by a trio of walkers? How about all the way back to season one, when Rick was cornered in the tank and Glenn saved him? Yeah, that was one of the scariest parts of The Walking Dead
The scariest parts of The Walking Dead usually involve large walker herds. Like when Daryl saved an injured and ailing T-Dog from certain death on the highway back in season two. He pulled dead walkers on top of T-Dog and himself until the shambling group passed.
What are some of the most scary Walking Dead walker run-ins that made you pee a little?
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    When Rick Ran Right Into His First Herd

    Season 1, Episode 2, “Guts”  

    In search of his family, Rick rolls right into a herd. His horse is definitely like “Nope!” Before Rick can escape, he has to abandon the horse and climbs in a handy tank nearby. Poor farm horse. 
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    Noah’s Revolving Door Death

    Season 5, Episode 14, “Spend”  
    Maybe it's because it's so up-close and personal but, few things have been quite as upsetting and urine-inducing as Noah getting ripped to pieces while poor Glenn watches.
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    That Time Glenn Fought a Walker While Tied to a Chair

    Season 3, Episode 7, “When the Dead Come Knocking”  
    Our gang has learned to improvise and Glenn Rhee has come a long way from delivering pizzas pre-zombie apocalypse. Merle, in revenge for being left behind in Atlanta and chained to a pipe, throws Glenn into a room with a hungry walker. Glenn is duct-taped to a chair and has had to hear Maggie possibly being tortured and raped by The Governor. He’s had just about enough and goes completely ninja IKEA on the walker, using the home furnishings in the room, and finally the chair he’s taped to, to dispatch it.
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    When We Said Goodbye to Jessie and Her Kids

     Season 6, Episode 9, "Now Way Out"

    The rest of Porch D*ck's family gets taken out when Sam lets Carol get into his head. He steps back into the massive walker herd that has invaded Alexandria and becomes a delicious cookie-filled snack. Mama Jessie gives up and lets herself go down. Rick has to hack off her arm so she'll let go of Carl while she's in her death throes. Ron freaks out, pulls a gun on Carl, and only manages to shoot his right eye because Michonne has skewered him right through the chest. Yikes and bye.