Total Nerd Walking Dead Walker Run-Ins That Made You Pee a Little  

Lisa Waugh
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Warning: Spoilers lurk throughout this list. 
If you’re big and bad, maybe nothing scares you, but many fans find the Walking Dead scary sometimes. You tell yourself, “It’s only a TV show,” but somewhere in your reptilian brain there’s a twitch. The Walking Dead walkers are just so well-executed, your disbelief is suspended to the moon and back.  
When Maggie and Aaron were in that sewer tunnel and those walkers came out of the walls, for example. What about when little Meghan was playing in the mud and we found out that walkers might be underground anywhere? Or when Carl got all cocky and was nearly eaten by a trio of walkers? How about all the way back to season one, when Rick was cornered in the tank and Glenn saved him? Yeah, that was one of the scariest parts of The Walking Dead
The scariest parts of The Walking Dead usually involve large walker herds. Like when Daryl saved an injured and ailing T-Dog from certain death on the highway back in season two. He pulled dead walkers on top of T-Dog and himself until the shambling group passed.
What are some of the most scary Walking Dead walker run-ins that made you pee a little?
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When Rick Ran Right Into His First Herd

Season 1, Episode 2, “Guts”  

In search of his family, Rick rolls right into a herd. His horse is definitely like “Nope!” Before Rick can escape, he has to abandon the horse and climbs in a handy tank nearby. Poor farm horse. 
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That Time Maggie Went Into the Sewer Tunnel to Find Glenn

Season 6, Episode 5, “Now”  
When viewers don't know if Glenn is dead or alive, neither does Maggie, but she's not going to wait to find out. Instead, she sets out from Alexandria via the sewer and comes across these muddy, rotted walkers embedded in the walls of the tunnel. If it weren’t for Aaron, pregnant Maggie could've ended up as a tunnel buffet. It's wrong on so many levels, but mainly the lower one. 
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When Meghan Thought It Was Perfectly Safe to Make Mud Pies

Season 4, Episode 8, “Too Far Gone” 
While The Governor goes to torment Rick and the gang at the prison, he leaves behind his new girlfriend Lilly and her daughter Meghan. Everything should be fine, right? Nope. Meghan makes mud pies in an area known for flash flooding. In her mud pie enthusiasm, she excavates a walker that ultimately takes a bite out of her.
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Noah’s Revolving Door Death

Season 5, Episode 14, “Spend”  
Maybe it's because it's so up-close and personal but, few things have been quite as upsetting and urine-inducing as Noah getting ripped to pieces while poor Glenn watches.
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