Scenes Cut From Horror Movies That Were Just Too Disturbing

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By definition horror movies are meant to be frightening. They’re a safe trip into the depths of the subconscious, a place to explore the worst the imagination can offer. But every once in a while a filmmaker shoots a scene that they later realize is so disturbing the audience will feel jarred out of the "safety" of the film. A situation that leaves viewers feeling repulsed rather than delightfully spooked. In terms of art, less is more, and the directors of horror movies with disturbing deleted scenes recognized that back-to-back scenes of mutilation and terror aren't enjoyable. 

Part of the filmmaking process is shooting more footage than a director may actually end up using in the final edit. Despite the difficulty and risks of filming and the excruciating effort that goes into making movies, it' s just worth it to have more to work with. This maximalist approach is why these scenes that were too scary for horror movies exist. 

For the horror film enthusiast who always wants more, these gruesome cut scenes are like delayed icing on the blood-soaked cake. Read on to discover some of the worst scenes cut from horror movies and think about whether or not they should have made it into the final cut. And, if you love all things spooky, check out this list of the scariest shows on television. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY