12 Movie Scenes Where Actors Bled For Real

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Although most movies rely on fake blood for gory special effects, there are cases in which unfortunate actors injured while filming have contributed their own blood to the final cut.

These bloody injuries are often the result of a simple accident on set. Instead of interrupting filming and bandaging their injured bodies, however, these actors choose to stay in character and see the scene through to completion. Their artistic decision lends some authenticity to the film's violence, although they do have to sacrifice their own well-being along the way.

Thankfully, most of these injuries aren't incredibly serious. Plus, the actor's blood is now immortalized on film forever. That's kind of cool (read: gross), right? 

Take a look below at the movie scenes where actors really bleed and vote up the onscreen injuries that would force you to call "Cut!" if you were in their position.