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'Schitt's Creek' Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Schitt's Creek was slow in finding fanfare. It debuted on Canadian television in 2015 and didn't reach a wide audience until Netflix platformed the program in 2017. Three years later, Schitt's Creek became the first comedy or drama to win all seven major Emmy Awards in the same year. This riches to rags story became a rags to riches series.

Now that so many people are talking about the show, they're coming up with "schitt" that we could never have imagined. And yet, a lot of these theories actually make sense.

Here are the best fan theories about Schitt's Creek

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    Rose/Schitt Symbolism

    Photo: Schitt's Creek / CBC

    From Redditor u/superclaude1:

    So in Schitt's Creek there's a theme of opposites in the urbane sophisticated Roses versus the rude Schitts, just like roses smell lovely and sh*t smells... well, like sh*t.

    However, in gardening, roses need manure (aka horse sh*t) to grow, just as the Roses grow and develop during their time in the town and their developing friendship with the Schitt's.

    Stevie Budd is obviously like a mini-rose, as she fits in so well with the family, and she is able to grow and bloom too.

    Not sure about any of the other character surnames, but it's a cool connection for these two families.

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    Wardrobe Conspiracy

    Photo: Schitt's Creek / CBC

    From Twitter user Robin Stevens on holiday (@redbreastedbird):

    The wardrobe department of Schitt’s Creek spent three seasons dressing David exclusively in black and white but since he met Patrick HIS CLOTHES HAVE COLORS.

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    Darwin Is The True Showrunner

    Photo: Schitt's Creek/CBC

    From Twitter user Bishop Titty Jakes (@patiencesings_):

    Have any of my Schitt’s Creek nerds noticed how dope it is that Ted went to study turtles in the Galápagos Islands, birthplace of the Theory of Natural Selection? While the over arching theme of the show is how the Roses' adapted to and evolved in their new environment?

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    Mutt Also Won The Lottery

    Photo: Schitt's Creek / CBC

    From Redditor u/MoabMonster:

    My big question is what is up with Twyla and the lottery? She said she split it with a random guy? Why mention that unless it is a character we know (Mutt? Ted?) - Schitt's Creek has very compact writing, usually everything is either a joke or moves the plot along.

    My theory is that Mutt also won the millions. The timeline would make sense. Mutt was supposed to be in the finale and have some reveal about what he spent the money on, but that it got scrapped. Why not just announce she won 40M? Or that she had to share it with her mom or something?

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