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Small Details In Schitt's Creek That Fans Noticed

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It's always the little things that make a show better and the Schitt's Creek details listed below are no different. The creative team behind the beloved sitcom worked hard to craft a show that was not only hilarious but handled with care.

How else do you explain every single book on the show having a fake title along the lines of Opening Your Hearts to Animals: A Guide to the Benefits of Caring For Something Other Than Yourself? Or, have you ever noticed that Alexis' hand movements look a lot like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons? Well, now you will. These are the best small details from Schitt's Creek. 

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    All The Books In The Show Are Fake

    Photo: CBC

    As it turns out, every single book that is featured on Schitt's Creek is actually fake. None of them are real. Though, with titles like A Rare Sophistication: A Higher Aesthetic and Opening Your Hearts to Animals: A Guide to the Benefits of Caring For Something Other Than Yourself, who needs real books anyway?

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    The Dave Rose Knockoff Shows Up In The Background Before His Big Episode

    Photo: CBC

    Dave Rose knockoff Antonio plays a big role in Season Five episode "Roadkill" when he is found to be stealing David and Patrick's store idea to start his own with David's old employer, Wendy. TikTok user alwaysbrimybaby pointed out that Antonio actually appears in the background of the store a few episodes earlier, foreshadowing his future appearance as a dastardly nemesis!

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    Annie Murphy's Hand Movements Are Weirdly Reminiscent Of 'The Simpsons' Character Mr. Burns

    Photo: CBC

    While Annie Murphy has stated her inspiration for Alexis Rose's mannerisms comes from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, fans have noticed there is another distinct resemblance between Alexis and another television star: Mr. Burns of The Simpsons. It's the hands... look at the hands! Reddit user bossy_flossie34 posted the side-by-sides and we can't unsee it. 

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    An Episode of 'Dexter' Accidentally Named Dropped Both Johnny Rose And The Town Name

    Photo: Showtime

    This is less of a Schitt's Creek Easter egg and more of a bizarre coincidence from years earlier. In Season Four of Dexter, the police are after a murderer named Johnny Rose, the same name of Eugene Levy's character on Schitt's Creek. After breaking down the case, the cops move on to another case where Jennifer Carpenter's Debra says they "are in the middle of sh*t creek." Props to Reddit user dantk for posting this weird fluke. 

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