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Schmidt's Best One-Liners From 'New Girl'

America's loveable douchebag, Schmidt has managed elevate his New Girl douchery to something of an art form. Over the course of show, he's become a fan favorite out of all the characters. So it only seems natural that we compile a number of GIF Schmidt quotes for your perusal! Vote up the quotes you really enjoy, and downvote the ones that you didn't find particularly funny.

Whether it's one of his quips about his sex life, or a pronouncement about his cultural heritage, we've got plenty of Schmidt New Girl quotes you'll remember fondly. When talking about Schmidt one-liners, you can never forget the first one in the pilot: "Schmidt happens!" Yes, yes it does, Schmidt. And when it does, we'll all be there to witness those fantastic New Girl Schmidt lines. 

So take a look at our list of quote GIFs and vote up the ones you like!

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    "I Love Mango Chutney."

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    "Can We Just Take A Moment To Celebrate Me?"

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    "It's Like You're Ripping The Side Block Out Of My Mental Jenga."

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