49 Schmidt Tweets That Prove Max Greenfield Was The Best Part Of ‘New Girl’

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If you watched New Girl, you'll know that Schmidt, aka Max Greenfield, stole the show in almost every scene. He's Jess's eccentric roommate, clean freak, businessman, mispronouncer of words, and partner to Jess's best friend Cece. Here are some of the best tweets we found about him. Put on your driving moccasins and let's go!

  • 1. Messarounds>>>

    34 votes
  • 2. If You Know, You Know

    23 votes
  • 3. Just A Little Bit Of Schmidt

    23 votes
  • 4. 'YOUTHS!'

    23 votes
  • 5. Genius Casting

    20 votes
  • 6. Get Him His Award

    17 votes