School Janitors Describe The Nastiest Messes They've Ever Had To Clean Up

If you can recall (and you're honest with yourself), you were probably not the neatest of students while in school. In fact, students are almost incapable of cleanliness. Their backpacks are inexplicably cluttered; their desks are always gunky; and their rooms at home are some of the worst housekeepers ever have to clean. It's disturbing how little hygiene matters to the future leaders of the world. Even worse, school janitors are responsible for cleaning up after the errant scholars. 

You've never encountered messes as foul as the ones Reddit janitors clean daily. If you're currently in school, please try to remember the simple courtesy of not flushing a pack of crayons down the toilet is a good step in the right direction. Also, try to poop in the toilet, and only in the toilet. Your resident custodian will appreciate the effort. 

  • A Student Used An X-Acto Knife As A Weapon


    "I remember once walking into the bathroom at school and there was just blood everywhere and an X-acto [knife] on the floor... Some freshman in art class stole a blade and attacked another student in the bathroom."

  • A Football Team All Pooped In The Same Toilet; They Didn't Flush


    "After college, while I was looking for steady work, I worked at my hometown's high school during the summer as a janitor. It wasn't too bad of a gig, because (for the most part) the school was deserted and us janitors could focus on cleaning all of the damage the previous year's students caused. I scraped so much gum off the undersides of desks.

    "There was one guy working with us who was the jock-douche son of the principal. The principal was a nice enough guy, but his son was a complete turd. Always bragging about the sh*tty football team, about the college he got accepted into, etc. One day, he bragged about how him and the rest of the football team did a "group poop" in the gym locker room. One guy would go into the stall, sh*t, not flush, next guy would go in and sh*t into the same toilet, and keep going until the whole bowl was full of sh*t. On a Friday night. So that the sh*t would sit over the weekend.

    "Unbeknownst to the jock douche, one of the full-time guys who he told this delightful story to was the janitor who had to clean up the group poop."

  • A Student Threw Brand New Crayons Into A Toilet


    "A steak knife underneath the boys bathroom toilet

    "A whole pack of new crayons thrown in the same toilet."

  • Poop Flowed Freely From Every Toilet... And Other Places


    "Well, I saw lakes of sh*t from overflowing toilets, sh*t crammed into the urinal drain, sh*t left in boxes, sh*t on the seat, sh*t next to the seat, sh*t just about everywhere."

  • A Student Used A Library Book For More Than Just Reading Material


    "I was assigned to the boys' bathroom right next to the cafeteria first.

    "One kid sh*t in a urinal. Weeks later, a kid sh*t in the tank of the toilet. Then, a kid sh*t in a library book, closed it, and put it in the tank."

  • A Student Covered An Entire Floor With Pistachio Shells


    "In college, I worked part time as a janitor on campus. One of the most f*cked up things I saw as a janitor was this floor of one of the quads we had to clean during spring break. We were cleaning this floor and the entire floor was absolutely covered with pistachio shells. I mean absolutely covered; as in there wasn't an inch of the floor without piles of pistachio shells on it. This wasn't a room, this was an entire floor. I still cannot explain to this day why or how this happened."