15 Classic Sci-Fi Books You Have To Read To Get Real Nerd Cred

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The debate over the best sci-fi books remains a rage-point among nerds since before people even identified as nerds. But there are some books every sci-fi fan must read, regardless of how "mainstream" or "far-fetched" its ideas or plot points may seem. In the realm of sci-fi, there exists certain required science fiction books for nerds to boast any sort of credibility. If you find yourself getting into science fiction, you might be wondering how to prove you’re a true nerd like all the loudest guys (you know they're guys) on your fave sub-Reddit. Name drop one of these titles for some immediate nerd cred, or at the very least an understanding of what it means to appreciate sci-fi.

The more on this list you can check off the closer you'll get to the sci-fi nerd singularity. No shortage of great science fiction novels exists, with numerous titles written by some of the most imaginative authors to put pen to paper. But to become the king of the nerdiest of nerd hobbies the following must be experienced.