Fan Theories From Sci-Fi Horror Movies That Actually Make Sense

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The subgenre of sci-fi horror can sometimes be baffling and result in unanswered questions, which is why many film buffs come up with their own fan theories to help give these movies some closure. Now, Redditors are sharing some sci-fi horror movie fan theories and making readers think about these films in a way they never had before.

Some of these theories may be more jarring then others; however, all of them are believable to an extent, and they may leave cinema fans questioning their favorite movies.

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    Why The Creatures Have Those Specific Attributes In 'A Quiet Place'

    From Redditor u/moviemaker2:

    Others have suggested that the creatures were sent to Earth by another species in order to conquer the planet, but I wanted to add to that by pointing out that every attribute of the creatures indicates that they are perfectly designed bioweapons in not just their strengths, but their flaws as well.

    Their susceptibility to a very specific frequency was designed as a "kill switch" by their creators; the creatures are dropped on a planet to collapse the civilization, then the creatures are easily dispatched by the first wave of the colonizing species. This is also why they don't have any other senses like sight or smell that would be useful to a predator: having a bioweapon that can't easily be neutralized by your colonizing force after it has cleared the planet you want to colonize wouldn't be of much use. The goal isn't to wipe out every last human, it's to disrupt human society enough so that an effective military response can't be mounted. That's why they can't see or smell or swim; they don't need any of those capabilities to complete their task, and having those capabilities would just make them harder to manage afterwards.

    A kill switch like a disarming frequency is also preferable to a kill switch like a limited lifespan on a creature with more senses. On some planets, the colonizers may start colonizing the planets shortly after delivering the creatures, or even concurrently - they may have noise cancellation tech that allows them to stay hidden from the creatures. But on other planets, it may take years or decades for the creatures to overwhelm the population, so a one-size-fits-all short lifespan may not be feasible.

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    Tom Was Affected Differently By The Monsters Because He Was A Soldier In 'Bird Box'

    Tom Was Affected Differently By The Monsters Because He Was A Soldier In 'Bird Box'
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    From Redditor u/LatokSinned:

    Now, on to my theory about Tom. Everyone who saw the monsters got weird eyes. When they did, they usually had a moment of clarity and began to worship them, or their eyes and mind went blank, they had a completely subdued or “Gone” look to them, then seemingly killed themselves without any cognition or control over their actions. It is alluded to, with the criminals, for example, those who suffered from a form of clinical psychosis became followers, while more typical people lost control and killed themselves. Aside from the fanaticism, the worshippers retained cognitive function. They could think, act, respond, have free will, etc.

    Now, let's look at Tom’s [demise]. Tom sees the monster, his eyes go [wild], and you don’t see terror or vacancy in his expression. You see anger and determination. He [eliminates] the last fanatic to save his family, and then, of his own free will, seemingly makes the choice to end his life. No blank stare, no mindless suicide - a choice to [end] himself.

    Now, look at Tom’s backstory. He was a soldier serving in a war-zone. He saw things which deeply changed him and alludes to this a few times. My theory is Tom suffers from clinical PTSD from his time in the military. When he saw the monster, he retained his cognitive ability because he, too, was turning. He knew what he saw, he knew what he would become if he allowed himself to live, so he made the conscious choice to [eliminate] the fanatic and then end his own life before he could become one of them.

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    Several Countries Possibly Survive The Apocalypse In 'A Quiet Place: Part 2'

    From Redditor u/SnowTomi:

    (Spoiler of A Quiet Place Part II) - At the beginning of the film, we are put on the day where aliens (or angels of death as you want to call them) invade the Earth, arriving in meteors... The peculiar thing is that the place is in the United States (duh) - counting the axis of the Earth, these meteors arrived and collided throughout America and Eurasia (counting that in the first one in some newspapers, it is seen that they expanded since the meteors divided), so my theory is that the following countries managed to survive the angels of death: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan (and other small islands, and even Hawaii).

    All this is supported by the axis of the Earth and that it is impossible that several meteors will arrive at the same time on both sides of the Earth... Also, the ocean is titanic, so many monsters, instead of falling to the ground, fell into the ocean and stayed there, so even Madagascar could have survived.

    Another theory that could disprove this are the ships, since in A Quiet Place Part II (SPOILERSSSSSSSSSS) it happens that one of the monsters managed to get on a ship, and this was driven by a looter, so the monster went to the address where an island of survivors was. Now, what I'm saying is that many monsters could have mounted on boats or ocean liners and traveled where the current takes them, but this is impossible because of two things: 1. The fuel (in this case, in small boats) 2. The same Oceanic current, which would take them to other places where they were before, and in general, they could not have gone to places like Madagascar.

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    Vampirism Is Not A Virus In 'Blade'

    From a Redditor:

    In movies like Blade and others that follow the same vampiric rules (weakness to sunlight, garlic, and silver), the vampiric infection is a bacterial one, not viral. The one thing that all three of the vampiric weaknesses have in common is that they are all antibiotics. Whether it's the allicin found only in raw garlic, the silver ions that are released when silver makes contact with a fluid (like a stab to the heart, which would disperse the ions throughout the bloodstream), or the UV radiation from the sun that burns bacterium out of existence.

    The method by which the bacteria alters the human body to induce fang growth is hard to come up with, but this is sci-fi we're talking about, so I feel like there's some wiggle room. After the fang growth has occurred, the bloodlust follows. The bloodlust serves a dual purpose: Transmission of the bacterium, and satisfying a new deficiency the body has come down with. With the lack of sunlight and the increased metabolic function required to keep up with vampiric healing factors and strength, the bacterium takes over the role of transporting oxygen throughout the body and providing energy to muscle tissue. The drawback to this is that the bacterium feeds on red blood cells, meaning that to keep up their strength, the vampires must feed regularly on living humans, or they will begin to deteriorate as the infection cannibalizes its host.

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    The Infected Already Knew Where Dr. Neville Lived In 'I Am Legend'

    From Redditor u/J_Schermie:

    By now, we probably all know that the movie takes a different approach than the book [by] portraying the infected as monsters [for] the entire story and never showing in the final cut of the film how the doctor realizes he's the bad guy when he recognizes that the infected have been living their own humanistic lifestyle that he is interrupting by trying to cure them. I'm gonna go one step further, though, and [saying] that it [wasn't because he captured] the one infected lady we actually saw him work on [that they] suddenly hated him - that was just the final straw.

    After he sets his trap, we see the one infected guy get super p*ssed, exposing himself to sunlight just so he can glare at the doctor. The doctor sees this as a de-evolution and says in his video diary later... that they are finally completely no longer human, not realizing that the reason they act that way is because of him thrusting himself into their hives and livelihood...

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    Mrs. Carmody From 'The Mist' Is Actually Randall Flagg

    From Redditor u/demonsquidgod:

    I think Mrs. Carmody is a thrall of Randall Flagg. I thought it was strange that for a religious fanatic, she never says the word "Jesus." She has a seemingly unnatural ability to know the future. In the book, she knows that the mist is dangerous before there is any evidence.

    We know from The Stand that Flagg comes to worlds in times of chaos and reaches out to people in their minds. It would make sense that he would come to this world following the opening of the portal. I think this explains both her future predictions and her uncanny ability to manipulate and control people, as well as her increasing cruelty.

    In the movie, she uses the phrase "My life for you," which is also spoken by Trash Can Man in The Stand. The Man in Black also urges Andrew to say this phrase in the Dark Tower book, The Waste Lands.

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