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14 Sci-Fi Movies That Are Actually Optimistic About The Future

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For some reason, filmmakers tend to be pessimistic about the future. Blade Runner, Children of Men, Mad Max, and Snowpiercer are just a few of the pictures that depict dystopian or post-apocalyptic futures. They're all good, as are many others of the type, but there's nevertheless a downer element to them. They make us worry about what might come in the years ahead.

Thank goodness for that small handful of movies that are actually optimistic about the future. Far fewer in number, these films offer a glimmer of hope. In them, good things await us down the road. Some of these cinematic futures find technology making life better for everyone. Some envision peace between nations that have previously been in conflict. Others see significant advances in healthcare or environmental issues. When you watch these films, having a positive outlook becomes a lot easier.

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