13 Great Sci-Fi Tech Thrillers And How They Anticipated The Future

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The science fiction genre is an amalgamation of the two elements making up the term, a basis for factual science combined with the fiction of fantasy. In their representation of possible progress in technology, sci-fi thrillers often anticipate the future direction of humanity with surprising accuracy. With each new advance in science and technology, the precision of past cinematic predictions becomes clear.

Many sci-fi films anticipate future advancements, but the thrillers typically approach the idea of new technology with trepidation. Often reactionary to new advances, sci-fi thrillers depict the dark side of new developments in science and technology. Commonly suspicious of humanity’s over-reliance on science and tech, these films are frequently cautionary tales for humanity. At the same time, there is enjoyment to be found in predicting what technological advancements are to come. And there is also enjoyment to be found in judging the films of the past for their foresight in depicting the future.