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Continuity Details In Sci-Fi TV Shows Fans Couldn't Help But Notice

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Few shows have eyes for continuity like science fiction shows. These eagle-eyed Redditors spotted a number of times sci-fi shows kept continuity at the forefront and helped make subtle callbacks to previous episodes.

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    'Raised By Wolves' - Cleric Is Wearing Eye Patch Episodes After Eye Injury

    Photo: HBO Max

    From Redditor u/Sacrer:

    The cleric who was damaged in the eye in S01E05, can be seen wearing an eye-patch in S01E07.

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    'Star Trek: The Next Generation: Wesley's Birthday

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor u/thederpyeevee:

    In S1E18, Wesley says "I'll be 16 next month." The season most likely starts in January of 2364, as the wiki states that the entire season takes place in 2364 and there's a few month time gap between seasons 1 and 2. That would put his birthday in 2348, as the wiki states. Now assuming, as stated earlier, that the season begins in January and does not last a full year (maybe 9 months), this episode, being about 2/3 of the way through the season, would take place around late June or early July. A good rule of thumb that I follow with Star Trek characters is that, if the wiki only states a year of birth and not the date, that the date is the same as the actor's real birthday, as this is the case for many characters with confirmed birthdays. That being said, that would place Wesley's birthday on July 29, exactly one month after the episode supposedly takes place.

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    'The Mandalorian' - Death Watch Troopers Can Be Seen Saving Mando

    Photo: Disney+

    From a deleted Reddit user:

    In the season finale of The Mandalorian, it's revealed that the Mandos are taking out droids during the Siege of Mandalore are Death Watch.

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    'Steven Universe' - Connie's Bracelet

    From Redditor u/dlgn13:

    Connie still has the bracelet she got at the beginning of Season 1.