Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movies

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The science fiction genre is possibly one of the most ambitious in all of film. However, because of these complicated subjects, stories, and characters, a wealth of sci-fi movie plot holes has accumulated over the years. Moments when even these ambitions writers and filmmakers missed something, or chose to leave something out that messes with the fim's logic, sometimes leave even the most die hard fans scratching their heads.

Below you'll find the worst plot holes in sci fi-movies and noticeable sci-fi movie mistakes. Most of the time fans are able to let these kind of science fiction movie plot holes go, but sometimes the story issues are just too frustrating to look past. Vote up the biggest science fiction plot holes below, and good luck enjoying The Matrix ever again.

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    How Do the Aliens Deal with Most of the Planet in Signs?

    How Do the Aliens Deal with Most of the Planet in Signs?
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Film: Signs

    Even more so than the aliens at the end of War of the Worlds, the twist involving the aliens in M. Night Shyamalan's Signs is a pretty lame way for aliens to go out. If the aliens cannot touch water, then why did they come to a planet mostly made up of the stuff, not to mention its humidity?

    Not a great plan.
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    It's Apparently Easier to Train Drillers Than Astronauts

    It's Apparently Easier to Train Drillers Than Astronauts
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    Film: Armageddon

    Even Ben Affleck pointed out this Armageddon plot hole, which features NASA teaching a bunch of oil drillers how to be astronauts. The problem here is that it takes much longer to learn how to be an astronaut than it does to do the drilling necessary to stop the asteroid, so why not just teach some of NASA's best and brightest how to drill instead?
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    How Did Cypher Get Into the Matrix Without a Connector?

    How Did Cypher Get Into the Matrix Without a Connector?
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    Film: The Matrix

    One of The Matrix's biggest twists revolves around Cypher betraying his crew and making a deal with Agent Smith to go into the Matrix and forget what he saw in the real world. However, it's unexplained as to how Cypher got into the Matrix at all without the help of an operator, who is needed in order to facilitate entry in and out of the Matrix.
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    Why Is the T-1000 Naked?

    Films: Terminator franchise

    It is explained in the Terminator films that the reason both Kyle Reese and the T-800 are sent back in time naked is because the time machine can only send back things surrounded by organic tissue. Okay fine, but then why does the T-1000 get transported back at all, and why does he show up naked when he's made of entirely liquid metal?
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    Marty's Parents Apparently Don't Recognize Him at All

    Film: Back to the Future

    Back to the Future is widely beloved, but it's also riddled with plot holes. One of the biggest is that after completely changing their lives and getting them together in high school, Marty's parents, 30 years later, apparently don't recognize one of the most important figures in their lives as their own son.
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    Skynet Doesn't Really Want to Win All That Bad

    Skynet Doesn't Really Want to Win All That Bad
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    Films: Terminator franchise

    This is something that has likely plagued most sci-fi fans ever since they saw the original Terminator films. The whole plot of the movies revolves around the futuristic Skynet sending Terminators back to the past in order to try and kill either John Connor or his mother, Sarah.

    However, if they really wanted to complete their mission, why wouldn't they send more than one? Then the Connors wouldn't have had a chance of beating the machines, right?

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