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25 Jokes That Scientists Will Love

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You wouldn’t think it from the lab coats and pale skin, but scientists are super funny. When you’re cooped up in a laboratory or a classroom, you’ve got to have a sense of humor to get you through the day. The jokes on this list of jokes for science geeks are the perfect one-liners and puns to get you through a long day of staring through a microscope. Whether you’re at Fermilab, CERN, or just your local university, feel free to try out any one of the entries on our list of funniest jokes for scientists. We hope you’ve got some med students down the hall, because guts are about to start busting.

Not even scientists can agree on the science of comedy. Jokes just work or they don’t. Luckily, the scientific jokes on this list are guaranteed to make your science-inclined friends laugh until the saline pours from their eyes. Take note: if any of your friends don’t laugh at these jokes, they might not be as smart as they think they are. If you know of a scientastic joke that we didn’t use, feel free to tell us in the comments. We never know when we’ll be judging a science fair and need some new material.

Once you’ve tried out all the funny science jokes on your mom and dad, vote on your favorite, then get your keister down to the lab and start entertaining your nerdy brethren.
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    What Do You Think About The New Restaurant On The Moon?

    The food's great but there's no atmosphere.
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  • The bartender says, "We don't serve your kind here." It replies, "Well you're not a very good host."
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    The Optimist Sees A Glass As Half Full; The Pessimist, Half Empty

    The engineer sees it as twice as large as it needs to be.
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    How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Chemist And A Plumber?

    Ask them to pronounce unionized.
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