Weirdly Interesting 15 Ways to Use Science to Improve Your Relationship  

Sierra Simpson
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Sexier than your heart, your brain is the key to igniting love, lust, and a lasting relationship. Looking for a way to strengthen your marriage? Consider your hormones, both "feel good" and "stress" hormones are major players in relationships. By understanding how your body and brain work, you can deepen your connection with your partner, create a stronger foundation, and become a happier couple, together. 
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Lower your stress (it makes you want them more)

Cortisol, the stress hormone, has been shown to decrease desire, satisfaction, and arousal in a 2008 study from the University of Texas at Austin. All too often we work too late, don't pay enough attention to our partner, and let our stress get the best of us. Reducing cortisol through a little nookie, hand holding, or a nice walk is a good start to getting back on track when a relationship gets rocky. 
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Get your partner off as often as you can (it releases 'love hormones')

Here you can find a nice study on the biochemistry of love and lust. Oxytocin, the same hormone that makes women bond with their babies, is the same hormone released during orgasm. Ready to cement you love? Get your partner off as much as you can. It makes them happy in more ways than one! 
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Synchronize your sleep schedules (you'll fight less)

According to Dr. Wendy Troxel at the University of Pittsburg, author of the paper "It’s More than Sex: Exploring the Dyadic Nature of Sleep and Implications for Health" having too many disturbances to sound sleep can increase anxiety, cause stress, and introduce problems that could easily be fixed within a relationship. Especially in the case of people who snore, or have schedules that vary significantly - synchronizing sleep needs can lead to improved relationships, better health, and reduced anxiety. 
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Listen to music with your partner (it stimulates "feel good" circuits in your brain)

In a recent article from the Journal of Frontiers in Psychology, Dr. Elvers posits that listening to music can reinforce good moods and enhance confidence. Not only can we do this alone with readily available music sources from our phones and other media outlets, listening with a partner can bond us by stimulating "feel good" circuits in the brain. So, grab your partner, swing them round', hold em' close, cover some ground.