Weirdly Interesting Science Teacher Pushes Eggs In Glass Bottles And It's So Satisfying To Watch  

Mick Jacobs

Science teacher Jacob Strickling found out how to make this subject much more interesting for his students. In the video below, Strickling manages to push eggs through a glass tube using heat and air pressure.

Somehow, a solid egg manages to fit through a tiny glass hole like an octopus escaping a fish tank. It sounds weird, but it truly looks like more fun than you've ever had with a Bunsen burner.

"A small amount of methylated spirits is added to the bottle which is then ignited using a flame," Strickling writes. "The chemical reaction produces heat which expands the gases. When the egg is placed on top of the bottle, the gases cool and take up and contract."

While that appears complicated on paper, the results are simple yet extremely mesmerizing. See what we mean by watching this science lesson below.