science Ways To Be More Attractive, According To Science  

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Many consider attractiveness to be a subjective thing; after all, the attributes one person finds attractive are not necessarily the attributes someone else will find appealing. But there are actually scientific methods of attraction that provide great insight into who we're drawn to, and we share more of the same interests than you may initially realize. There has been ample research into how science can make you more attractive, most of it based on the biological drives we each possess, as well as the cultural norms and trends that capture the popular imagination at any specific time. Ah, good ol' science: it's cured our diseases, taken us to the moon, and given us Bill Nye the Science Guy. Now, it's showing us ways to be more attractive. What can't science do?

Read on to discover what science says about human attraction.

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Develop A Strong Sense Of Humor

It's long been said that there's nothing sexier than a sense of humor, and science may actually prove that assertion to be true. "If you weren't funny, you were definitely perceived as being less attractive, so that's a word of warning," said Daniel Doerksen, who led a research study on the effects of humor on attractiveness. The study found that while both sexes were drawn to funnier people, women were much more apt to find a guy sexy because of his sense of humor. In addition to the obviously pleasant effects of laughing and having a good time, a sense of humor can indicate other things as well. It suggests an ease and confidence in social situations, as well as enhanced intelligence. And those things are always attractive.

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Don't Be A D*ck

When it comes to attractiveness, kindness plays a big role in who we are drawn to. A landmark 2014 study concluded that those with positive personalities were found to have more attractive faces. "We find that 'what is good is beautiful,' with personality reflecting desired traits as facial attractiveness," the study states. As in most issues of attractiveness, the cause may lie in ingrained evolutionary responses. We want to find mates that will propagate the human race with desirable traits. And desirable traits, of course, go beyond the merely physical. Kindness can make the biggest positive impression, so it stands to reason that, from an evolutionary perspective, we'd want to populate the earth with nice people.

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Be Proud Of Your Curves

From corsets to Spanx, women have been hiding their curves for centuries. This may, however, be counterintuitive, as research seems to suggest that men really prefer some curves. Though you wouldn't know it to turn on the television or flip through a magazine, many men find curves sexy. The reason is largely an evolutionary one. Men are hardwired to see curves as a sign of good health and fertility - you know, those good birthing hips we hear so much about. So, instead of hiding those curves, perhaps it's time to show them off a little.

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Raise Your Chin

Chin up, people!

That wasn't meant as a pep talk; it was beauty advice. We tend to be more attracted to symmetrical faces, and raising one's chin is a great way to give the illusion of better facial alignment. It also changes your attitude. A raised chin can indicate confidence, self-assuredness, and bravado. When posing for photos, however, experts say to lower the chin a bit as an accentuated jawline is all sorts of sexy.

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