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Scientifically Accurate Details Fans Noticed In 'The Big Bang Theory'

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Scientific details in The Big Bang Theory should be a given seeing as the premise of the show is about a group of physicists. The sitcom not only provided many references to science over the course of the twelve years it was on, but ensured that these were legitimate enough for people with an actual grasp of science to understand. Some of these are carefully placed Easter eggs that are simple enough in layman terms but make for witty jokes.

Online fans have both found out these references and confirmed them, which end up making these details all the better.

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    Calculations For The Guidance System For The Military Are Accurate

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor tiaraspace08:

    Yes. They had two physicists on the set always checking the script. The equations and all the theories always written on the boards and everything were also always correct.

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    Sheldon's Board Equations Are Legitimate

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor pyramerica:

    These diagrams come from methods of partitioning rectangles.

    These are a subset of 6-partitioned rectangles, you can see them displayed here.

    This is from a field of optimization mathematics called the Packing Problem, probably more specifically Bin Packing.

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    Sheldon's Conditioning Of Penny Is A Legitimate Technique

    From Redditor mykidisonhere:

    My psychology teacher used the episode where Sheldon reinforces good behavior from Penny with chocolates to help us understand conditioning.

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    Amy's Apartment Number References The Value Of Pi

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor u/SteelCityGamer:

    S9E11 is when i first noticed it. Amy lives at apartment 314. I'm sure they added a science reference on this. The little sneaks they are.

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