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Fun Findings from Studies About Popular TV Shows

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It's 2016 and everyone's got an opinion, especially when it comes to popular television. While some people could argue that Jon Snow is the main character of the HBO series Game of Thrones, others could (correctly) say that it's obviously Tyrion Lannister. But how can you prove your opinions? Scientific studies about television, of course.

See, there are people at universities all around the world doing studies about TV shows to prove or disprove what people are usually debating in the comments section of Facebook. Basically, there are scientists out there who want to help you prove who the closest friends on Friends are. So take a look at some of the findings below and vote up which ones you think are the most fun!
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    Tyrion Is the Main Character on Game of Thrones

    Photo: HBO
    The next time you're in a debate with your friends about the true main character on Game of Thrones, feel free to throw this statistical study in their face to prove that it is, of course, none other than Tyrion Lannister. In simple terms, Tyrion is mentioned the most in the series and has the most chapters told from his perspective in the GoT books as well.
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    Joey and Chandler Were the Closest Friends

    Photo: NBC
    When a show is called Friends, you basically know what you're getting into before you've even seen the opening credits. It's about a group of friends, right? Sure, the group was technically all friends with each other, but according to one study, Joey and Chandler were the closest friends. The study didn't include Ross and Rachel or Chandler and Monica because they were in relationships with each other, and as we all know, that isn't just being friends.
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    Homer Simpson Has Had 188 Different Jobs on The Simpsons

    Photo: FOX
    If you think Homer Simpson's only job over the course of The Simpsons's 27 seasons is an inspector at the nuclear power plant, then guess again. Homer has held an astonishing 188 jobs, ranging from a NASA astronaut to a snow plow driver. He's done it all.
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    South Park Holds the Record for Most Swear Words in One Episode

    South Park is known for pushing boundaries in terms of making bold statements and fearing no one. Which explains why it still holds the records for most swear words used in a single episode of television. In the first episode of the fifth season, "It Hits the Fan," different variations of "sh*t" are used 162 times!
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