14 Crazy Scientists Who Used Themselves as Test Subjects

Sometimes science is a real pain - especially when a scientist acts as their own test subject. While not the most common practice in the history of hypotheses, many scientists, including famous thinkers like Isaac Newton and Marie Curie, have stepped up and performed experiments on themselves. 

Some really have no choice as their research is so cutting edge, testing their ideas out on anyone else would be a huge breach of ethics. Others have volunteered for experiments for a variety of reasons: ego, humanitarianism, getting around protocol to get faster results. In the face of death, disease, and general discomfort, these intrepid scientists decided they would be their own best test subjects.

While scientists subjecting themselves to their own experiments doesn’t always earn respect, sometimes it does pay off. Some of the world’s greatest discoveries have been made only after scientists decided to serve as their own guinea pig. From life-saving drugs to crazy acid trips, there’s no end to what these researchers did to their bodies in the name of discovery.

Don’t try this at home. Instead, keeping reading below to learn all about the professionals who risked it all in the pursuit of knowledge.