A Guide To Scientology Code Words And Slang 

Lowe Saddler
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It's no secret that Scientologists have their own code words and slang. Even if you've never stepped foot in the Church's Information Center in Hollywood, CA, documentaries about Scientology may have clued you in to some of their lingo. But if you're curious about joining the Church or simply can't get enough Scientology slang, these terms will help you gain a deeper understanding of the religion. You could be raw meat in no time - and yes, depending on who you ask, that's a good thing.

Black PR

Meaning: To slander someone, or the process of slandering someone online to make them seem disreputable.

Use It In A Sentence: Last night, the organization decided to plan a little bit of black PR. If we can make other people look bad, we'll look better by comparison.

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Dead Agent

Meaning: To discredit a person or story that could damage the church.

Use It In A Sentence: The church definitely needed to dead agent Leah Remini; she created an entire show to discredit Scientology. 

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Raw Meat

Meaning: A new Scientologist or prospective member.

Use It In A Sentence: When you're raw meat, you probably won't be trusted with every secret immediately. You have to prove yourself first.

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Meaning: When a follower leaves the church.

Use It In A Sentence: Katie Holmes blew right out of the church after her split from Tom Cruise.

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