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Sci-Fi Movie Concept Art That Didn't Make the Final Cut

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A lot of sci-fi film concept designs never see the light of day. Science fiction is arguably the greatest genre because of the sheer imagination needed to come up with concepts. When making a sci-fi movie, concept artists spend countless man hours creating elaborate designs. This often leads to a lot of incredible work going unseen on screen. Fortunately, the internet has brought us some would-never-be-seen concept art from some of our favorite science fiction movies!

Some of the art you'll see on this list is totally different from what you saw in the movies. With others, only minor changes were made. All of sci-fi designs and concept sketches here will stimulate your imagination and have you pondering what could have been.

Vote up your favorite unused sci-fi concept art and try not to have terrible nightmares about HR Giger's unholy creations.