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The Best Sci-Fi Parody Movies

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Here’s a list of the best Sci-Fi parody movies. Science fiction can sometimes be a movie genre that takes itself too seriously, which is why sci-fi spoof films always seem to be a welcome breath of fresh air when they arrive. The beauty of the best parodies of sci-fi is that they’re not just spoofing science fiction - they use satire to address other topics, such as politics and merchandising in Spaceballs. Good satirical science fiction movies draw both fans of sci-fi and comedy movies to them like a tractor beam! You can call them parodies, spoofs, or satire; no matter which term you choose we can all agree that they are funny!

So, we beamed up a list of the top sci-fi parody films and think it's out of this world. Share it with your friends, and if you don’t agree with the rankings feel free to reorder the list the way you feel they should be. If you don't see your favorite satirical science fiction movie on the list, feel free to add it and check back to see how others rank your favorites.

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