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40 Serial Killers Who Are Scorpios

The Scorpio zodiac sign ranges from October 23 to November 22, and is categorized as being driven, dedicated, loyal, ambitious, passionate and inquisitive. However, they also love a good fight, and can be secretive, vengeful, overbearing, exhausting, possessive, insecure, and extremely intense. Scorpios have no shame in promoting their own agenda, like to make sure things go their way, no matter what, sometimes mistake anger as a strength, have no problem destroying things to get even, and often feel attacked or misunderstood.

That being said, while we’re not at all trying to suggest that every Scorpio is a serial killer, it’s not hard to see how some of these qualities could be used in a dangerous way.

And there are certainly a lot of Scorpio serial killers who did just that. For example, did you know Charles Manson was a Scorpio? It makes perfect sense, seeing as he created an entire cult to worship him and perform his bidding - which unfortunately included murder. 

Those familiar with zodiac signs might be quick to quip, “well sure, most serial killers are Scorpios.” But that’s honestly not true. There are unfortunately serial killers who fit in all 12 of the signs. And on another list you can read all about the zodiac signs of serial killers. But this list is about the Scorpio criminals. 

Were you surprised to learn the Charles Manson zodiac sign? Read below to find out more about Scorpio serial killers.