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40 Serial Killers Who Are Scorpios

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The Scorpio zodiac sign ranges from October 23 to November 22, and is categorized as being driven, dedicated, loyal, ambitious, passionate and inquisitive. However, they also love a good fight, and can be secretive, vengeful, overbearing, exhausting, possessive, insecure, and extremely intense. Scorpios have no shame in promoting their own agenda, like to make sure things go their way, no matter what, sometimes mistake anger as a strength, have no problem destroying things to get even, and often feel attacked or misunderstood.

That being said, while we’re not at all trying to suggest that every Scorpio is a serial killer, it’s not hard to see how some of these qualities could be used in a dangerous way.

And there are certainly a lot of Scorpio serial killers who did just that. For example, did you know Charles Manson was a Scorpio? It makes perfect sense, seeing as he created an entire cult to worship him and perform his bidding - which unfortunately included murder. 

Those familiar with zodiac signs might be quick to quip, “well sure, most serial killers are Scorpios.” But that’s honestly not true. There are unfortunately serial killers who fit in all 12 of the signs. And on another list you can read all about the zodiac signs of serial killers. But this list is about the Scorpio criminals. 

Were you surprised to learn the Charles Manson zodiac sign? Read below to find out more about Scorpio serial killers. 

  • Photo: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Birthday: November 12, 1934

    Scorpio qualities:

    • Charles Manson was infamously domineering, forming the Manson Family, who enacted his will - killing music teacher Gary Hinman, actress Sharon Tate, writer Wojciech Frykowski, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring, Steven Parent, supermarket executive Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary. 
    • Manson was too passionate, funneling those feelings into both his free love cult, the Manson Family, and in his desire to become a musician.
    • The murders began after record producer Terry Melcher made it clear that he wouldn't be helping Manson in his quest for stardom. Manson's rage and desire for vengeance led him to convince his followers there was a race war coming, after which, he and his followers would take over.
    • Manson received a death sentence in 1971, but the following year California abolished the death penalty. His conviction is commuted to life in prison, which he served, dying in November 2017 at age 83.
    • Born: 1934-11-12
    • Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America

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  • Photo: Sacramento County Sheriff / Public Domain

    Joseph James DeAngelo

    Birthday: November 8, 1945

    Serial killer name: The Golden State Killer, EARONS (East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker), Visalia Ransacker

    Scorpio qualities: 

    • Joseph James DeAngelo is perhaps the definition of a Scorpio killer - secretive enough to elude capture for 25 years, overbearing and arrogant enough to attend a community meeting held to discuss his own crimes, and vengeful enough to reportedly then attack a man who spoke out against him in said meeting. 
    • As arrogant as he was, DeAngelo was also deeply insecure. One victim told of how, after he had assaulted her, she heard him crying downstairs in their kitchen and smashing plates.
    • The Golden State Killer's planning was intense and meticulous. He knew what he had to do to remain hidden, even showing extreme restraint with long cooling off periods that baffled law enforcement. 
    • One of the staples of his psychological profile was his hatred of women, and use of rape and murder to get back at them for perceived wrongs.
    • His fury and alleged "reign of terror" through Northen California resulted in at least 12 murders and over 50 rapes and home burglaries. 
    • Birthplace: Bath, New York
  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain

    Birthday: November 22, 1859

    Serial killer name: Hell's Belle

    Scorpio qualities: 

    • Gunness had no shame in doing whatever was necessary to get what she wanted, burning down her own candy store and collecting the insurance when it failed to be a success.
    • Laser-focused on her own success, she managed to collect a $5000 insurance payout when her first husband Mads Sorenson mysteriously died the one day that both life insurance policies he had purchased were active.
    • Her second husband, Peter Gunness, died suspiciously of a skull injury, which Belle claimed was due to a meat grinder falling on his head. 
    • As a single woman, Gunness was intense and passionate, connecting with strangers via letters and a newspaper column looking for love. 
    • She convinced lonely men to bring all of their money, not tell their relatives where they were going, and move to her farm for a new life. Those men were never seen alive again. 
    • When a missing man's family member caught wind of her scam and became suspicious, Gunness, destroyed the entire operation, burning down her house and killing her own children.
    • As a Scorpio, the "bunny boilers" of the zodiac, Gunness used her anger and intelligence to craft a vengeful plan that framed her former farm hand Ray Lamphere for the fire, as she skipped town with all of the money she had collected from the men she duped.
    • Born: 1859-11-11
    • Birthplace: Selbu, Norway

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  • Photo: user uploaded image

    Birthday: November 4, 1905

    Serial killer name: The Giggling Granny

    Scorpio qualities: 

    • Passionate and longing for romance, Nannie Doss married her first husband at only 16, after knowing him for just four months. The pair had four children together, but in 1927 as their marriage fell apart, two of their kids died under mysterious circumstances.
    • They divorced in 1928, and a year later Doss married Harrelson, whom she met through a lonely hearts column. 
    • She was with abusive alcoholic Harrelson for 16 years, during which time two of her grandchildren died mysteriously. In 1945, she had had enough, and Doss's vengeful side reared its ugly head as she killed Harrelson by mixing poison into his moonshine. 
    • Police assumed he died of food poisoning and Doss used the life insurance she received to buy herself a new house.
    • Continuing with her successful secret plan for cash, Doss poisoned Arlie Lanning, whom she met via the loney hearts classifieds. Since he, too, was a heavy drinker, doctors assumed his death with a heart attack because of the alcohol. 
    • Doss was forced to take care of her abusive mother after she fell and broke a hip. The woman died suddenly after entering Doss's care. Shortly thereafter one of Doss's sisters died mysteriously as well.
    • When she found out her next husband, Richard Morton, was cheating on her, he suddenly died under "mysterious" circumstances, too. 
    • Doss killed her fifth and final husband after he criticized her choice in TV programs. The vengeful killer laced a prune cake and his coffee with poison.
    • This would be her undoing, as when a doctor convinced her to let him do an autopsy on the man, in order for her to receive his two life insurance benefits, he found huge amounts of arsenic.
    • She earned the name "Giggling Granny' because every time she talked about how she killed her late husbands, she laughed.
    • Born: 1905-11-04
    • Birthplace: Blue Mountain, Alabama

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