Unspeakable Crimes The Bizarre Case Of The Jenny Jones Murder  

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In the '90s, it’s surprising that there weren’t more talk shows that led to murder. It was the heyday of shock TV, after all, when hosts would pull out all the stops to drive their guests to the edge of sanity and titillate their audience. The facts about the Jenny Jones murder are surreal in how dependent they are on a specific era. It makes you wonder: if this show had aired in 2017, would Scott Amedure still be alive? Throughout the 1990s The Jenny Jones Show was a ratings smash and a prototype for shows like Jerry Springer. Her episodes covered everything from teens being too hot, to racist parents not wanting their kids to date outside of their race, to secret crushes. That last topic was the catalyst for the murder of Scott Amedure.

Scott's plan was to surprise his crush, Jonathan Schmitz, on national television. But instead of making a love connection, he only made his crush angry. Schmitz had never said that he was gay, and was allegedly offended and out of his mind that Scott would expose him in such a way. Hours later, Scott ended up dead and Jones ended up beginning a trend of reality TV murders. Most of the footage of the episode never made it to the Internet, but there’s about five minutes of the show online and it’s chilling to see Amdedure’s killer on TV before he’s committed the crime. It’s like time traveling except there’s nothing you can do to stop the horrible crime from happening. Tune in to learn the true story of the Scott Amedure killing.

Jonathan Schmitz Shot His Admirer Point-Blank After Scott Confessed To Having A Crush On Him

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Jonathan Schmitz had agreed to appear on the show with his friend Donna, who was actually in on the secret that Scott was going to confess his crush on TV. After the show, he went out for a long night of drinking, then returned in the early hours of the morning to find a saucy note left for him by Scott Amadure. Completely derailed and distressed by the unexpected combination of events and forward advances by a gay man, Schmitz immediately pulled out enough cash from his bank to buy a shotgun then went straight to Amedure's home and asked his admirer if he had written the note. After Amedure affirmed that he had, Schmitz allegedly went out to his car and sat there for a while contemplating his options. He then went back into Amedure's home and shot him twice in the chest before calling 911 and reporting the crime.

According to the New York Times, Schmitz shot Amedure at such close range that he had paper from a shotgun shell lodged in his heart. 

A Love Note After The National TV Announcement Sent Schmitz Over The Edge

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It's unclear what happened after the show and before the murder, but there are two prevailing theories. Jonathan's lawyer, James Burdick, claims that Schmitz went out drinking with "friends from work." After coming home in the morning, he found a note from Scott that read: "If you really want to get it off I'm the only one who has the right tool."

However, The Jenny Jones Show producer Karen Campbell later testified that Jonathan and Scott went out drinking and ended up hooking up. The next morning Scott found the note and pulled enough cash out of his bank account to buy a shotgun. 

Jenny Jones Allegedly Pushed Scott Into Admitting His Crush

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Long after the murder of Scott Amedure, his family attempted to make sense of the mess. They blamed The Jenny Jones Show for putting Amedure in a situation where he would reveal his feelings to someone so mentally unstable. Amedure's mother claimed that Jenny Jones "pushed Scott into doing things he didn't want to do" and that he needed to "make it look good for the audience or she would be very mad." As cringe-worthy as the surviving footage of the show is it could have been much worse.

Jones initially wanted Scott to give John flowers and then to kiss him on camera. John's defense lawyer said that Jones "kept twisting the knife."

Scott Didn't Know If John Was Gay When He Revealed His Secret

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When appearing on The Jenny Jones Show Scott Amedure explained to the studio audience how he met Schmitz. When he went to see his friend Donna at her apartment he found John working under her car. Amedure told the audience that he immediately noticed Schmitz' body and how good it looked in his half-shirt.

He went on to say that even though he'd been dreaming up fantasies about his crush involving a hammock, champagne, and whipped cream that he wasn't actually sure if Schmitz was gay.