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In the Star Trek universe, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is called the "miracle worker" for good reason. While the Starship Enterprise engineer is famous for pretending repairs will take three times as long they do, he also saves the day more often than not by fixing the crux of a problem, be it a broken warp drive, transporter, or phasers. He's the engineer by which all other Starfleet engineers are judged. The subtitle of the series and movies might as well be Montgomery Scott Saves the Day

But he's not only great at fixing things. Star Trek Scotty is also a daring and cunning commander capable of saving the ship with his leadership skills. By the end of his tenure in the Starfleet, Scotty reached the rank of captain, though he never did get his own ship. Maybe he, like Kirk, he was too in love with the Enterprise to let her go. Hell, with the number of times you see Scotty saving the Enterprise, he better love that ship. 

Pour out some scotch for everyone's favorite engineer, and vote up your favorite time he's saved the Enterprise.

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That Time He Disabled the Excelsior's Transwarp Drive As a Practical Joke

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Film: Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

How he did it: Kirk and his senior staff decide to steal the Enterprise so they can save Spock from being dead. The only ship is pursuit is the much faster Excelsior, which Mr. Scott is assigned to as chief engineer. Turns out that while his tenure on the Excelsior was short, Scotty had enough time to sabotage the ship's transwarp computer, which allowed the Enterprise to escape.

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That Time He Won a Drinking Contest Against a Fascist Alien

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Episode: "By Any Other Name" (Season 2, Episode 22)

How he did it: When aliens commandeer the Enterprise (funny how often that happens) and drive her toward the Andromeda galaxy, Kirk, Spock, and Scotty hatch a plan to take the ship back.

The best part? Scotty has to take out one of the aliens, and decides to do so by getting him completely wasted. It takes everything Scotty's got (including his prized bottle of scotch), but he accomplishes his objective... then promptly passes out.

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That Time Scotty Took on the Klingons and Won

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Episode: "Friday's Child" (Season 2, Episode 11)

How he did it: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are stuck on a planet where the Klingons framed them as enemies of the native population. Meanwhile, Scotty is commanding the Enterprise in space, staring down a Klingon battle cruiser. He realizes the whole set up is an elaborate ruse by the Klingons, and so, as tensions reach their boiling point between Kirk and natives, Scotty beams down with a security team and ends the fighting.

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That Time He Broke McCoy, Spock, and Kirk Out of the Brig

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Film: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

How he did it: Sometimes, Scotty is a pretty simple guy. He doesn't need a fancy warp drive to save the day, just some explosives. When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are put in the brig by Spock's half brother Sybok (don't ask), Scotty stages a jailbreak in a pretty amusing fashion. Then, in one of the worst scenes in all of Star Trek, hits his head on a stray pipe.

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