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According To This Theory, Dewey Is The Serial Killer Mastermind In 'Scream'

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When Scream was released in 1996, it single-handedly revitalized the horror genre while proving that you can never watch too many slasher movies. After a twisting narrative, the film reveals that bad boy Billy Loomis and his goofy friend, Stu, are behind the Ghostface masks. They manage to outwit the bumbling Deputy Dewey before they’re done in by Sidney Prescott - but some fans believe that Dewey is the real killer and that he was actually in on the whole thing. 

This game-changing proposal about Deputy Dewey is one of the more intriguing ’90s fan theories out there. Not only does this theory, claiming that the goofy cop is actually controlling things from behind the scenes, change the dynamic of the film, but it also demonstrates that in the affluent town of Woodsboro, nothing is as it seems.