17 Funny Times People Called Someone Out In The Most Specific Way Possible

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From labeling food calling out the name of the person taking it to roasting a political opponent on Tinder, here are some of the oddly specific and oddly hilarious times someone said screw you in particular. Enjoy!

  • 1. Dramatic

    Photo: u/ifallupthestairsalot / Reddit
    2,936 votes
  • 2. Not Debbie's

    Not Debbie's
    Photo: u/TheFlyWasRight / Reddit
    1,864 votes
  • 3. They Should Move

    They Should Move
    Photo: u/Cult-Brother / Reddit
    2,151 votes
  • 4. 4,728 Rice

    4,728 Rice
    Photo: u/Megamagicals / Reddit
    1,931 votes
  • 5. Ohio-Scented Candle

    Ohio-Scented Candle
    Photo: u/CrowdedPianoBench / Reddit
    1,847 votes
  • 6. Brad And His Cloud Of Lies

    Brad And His Cloud Of Lies
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    2,014 votes