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This is a list of films written by Akira Kurosawa, screenwriter. This list of movies written by Akira Kurosawa is alphabetical and can be sorted for other bits of information such as who directed the film and what genre it falls under. These Akira Kurosawa screenplays are not unfinished works; they have all been produced and released somewhere in the world. Any unreleased Akira Kurosawa films are not included on this list. Akira Kurosawa has written some very iconic movies over the years, so if you're trying to find popular Akira Kurosawa films that you haven't seen already then this list is the perfect guide for doing so.

List ranges from Seven Samurai to Tora! Tora! Tora!, plus much more.

You can use this list to answer the questions, "What movies did Akira Kurosawa write?" and "How many movies did Akira Kurosawa write?"

This list includes almost all of Akira Kurosawa's screenplay credits. You can click on the names of the movies Akira Kurosawa wrote in order to find out more about each individual Akira Kurosawa film. Trailers for each movie can also be seen if you click on the video previews for these Akira Kurosawa films. (40 items)

A Fistful of Dollars is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Movies Written By Akira Kurosawa
A Fistful of Dollars Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volonté, Aldo Sambrell A Fistful of Dollars, titled on-screen as Fistful of Dollars, is a 1964 spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood, alongside Gian Maria Volonté, Marianne ...more

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After the Rain Tatsuya Nakadai, Hisashi Igawa, Mieko Harada After the Rain is a 1999 Japanese film. The story is based on the last script written by Akira Kurosawa and is directed by his former assistant director of 28 years, Takashi Koizumi. It was ...more

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Dersu Uzala Yury Solomin, Aleksandr Pyatkov, Maxim Munzuk Dersu Uzala is a 1975 Soviet-Japanese co-production film directed by Akira Kurosawa, his first non-Japanese-language film and his first and only 70mm film. The film won the Golden Prize and the ...more

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Dodes'ka-den Kin Sugai, Shinsuke Minami, Yûko Kusunoki Dodes'ka-den is a 1970 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa and based on the Shūgorō Yamamoto book Kisetsu no nai machi.

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Dora-heita Renji Ishibashi, Kōji Yakusho, Bunta Sugawara Dora-heita is a 2000 Japanese film by Director Kon Ichikawa. It was the 74th film made by Ichikawa.

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Dreams Martin Scorsese, Chishū Ryū, Hisashi Igawa Dreams is a 1990 magical realism film based on actual dreams the film's director, Akira Kurosawa, claimed to have had repeatedly. It was the first film where he was the sole author of the ...more

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Drunken Angel Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Eitarō Shindō Drunken Angel is a 1948 Japanese yakuza film directed by Akira Kurosawa. It is notable for being the first of sixteen film collaborations between director Kurosawa and actor Toshiro Mifune.

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Escape at Dawn Eitarô Ozawa, Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Ryō Ikebe Desertion at Dawn is a 1950 drama film directed by Senkichi Taniguchi.

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The Idiot Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Setsuko Hara The Idiot is a 1951 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess Masami Nagasawa, Jun Matsumoto, Hiroshi Abe Kakushi Toride no San-Akunin: The Last Princess is a Japanese film directed by Shinji Higuchi released May 10, 2008. It is a remake of Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress.

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High and Low Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Tatsuya Nakadai High and Low is a 1963 police procedural crime drama film directed by Akira Kurosawa, starring Toshiro Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai and Kyōko Kagawa. The film is loosely based on King's Ransom, by Ed ...more

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To Live Takashi Shimura, Makatari Fujiwara, Minoru Chiaki Ikiru is a 1952 Japanese film directed and co-written by Akira Kurosawa. The film examines the struggles of a minor Tokyo bureaucrat and his final quest for meaning. The script was partly ...more

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Kagemusha Tatsuya Nakadai, Kenichi Hagiwara, Kaori Momoi Kagemusha is a 1980 film by Akira Kurosawa. In Japanese, kagemusha is a term used to denote a political decoy. It is set in the Sengoku period of Japanese history and tells the story of a ...more

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Madadayo Kyōko Kagawa, George Tokoro, Hisashi Igawa Madadayo is a 1993 Japanese comedy film. It is the thirtieth and final film to be completed by Akira Kurosawa. It was screened out of competition at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

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No Regrets for Our Youth Takashi Shimura, Setsuko Hara, Susumu Fujita No Regrets for Our Youth is a 1946 film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. It is based on the Takigawa incident of 1933. The film stars Setsuko Hara, Susumu Fujita, Takashi Shimura and ...more

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One Wonderful Sunday Chieko Nakakita, Ichirô Sugai, Atsushi Watanabe One Wonderful Sunday is a 1947 Japanese film co-written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. It is in black-and-white and runs 108 minutes. Yuzo and his fiancée, Masako, spend a Sunday ...more

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Ran Tatsuya Nakadai, Susumu Terajima, Jinpachi Nezu Ran is a 1985 Japanese-French jidaigeki epic film directed and co-written by Akira Kurosawa. The film stars Tatsuya Nakadai as Hidetora Ichimonji, an aging Sengoku-era warlord who decides to ...more

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Rashomon Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Machiko Kyō Rashomon is a 1950 Japanese period drama film directed by Akira Kurosawa, working in close collaboration with cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa. It stars Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyō, Masayuki Mori ...more

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Red Beard Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Kinuyo Tanaka Red Beard is a 1965 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa about the relationship between a town doctor and his new trainee. The film was based on Shūgorō Yamamoto's short story collection, ...more

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Rhapsody in August Richard Gere, Hisashi Igawa, Hidetaka Yoshioka Rhapsody in August is a 1991 Japanese film by Akira Kurosawa. The story centers on an elderly hibakusha, who lost her husband in the 1945 atomic bombing of Nagasaki, caring for her four ...more

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Runaway Train Jon Voight, Rebecca De Mornay, Eric Roberts Runaway Train is a 1985 American action-thriller film, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. The screenplay by Djordje Milicevic, Paul Zindel and Edward Bunker was based on an original screenplay by ...more

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Sanjuro Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Tatsuya Nakadai Sanjuro is a 1962 black-and-white Japanese samurai film directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshiro Mifune. It is a sequel to Kurosawa's 1961 Yojimbo. Originally an adaptation of the Shūgorō ...more

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Sanshiro Sugata Takashi Shimura, Ryūnosuke Tsukigata, Susumu Fujita Sanshiro Sugata is the directorial debut of the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa. First released in Japan on 25 March 1943 by Toho film studios, the film was eventually released in the ...more

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Sanshiro Sugata Part II Ryūnosuke Tsukigata, Seiji Miyaguchi, Susumu Fujita Sanshiro Sugata Part II is a 1945 film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. It is based on the novel by Tsuneo Tomita. It was filmed in early 1945 in Japan towards the end of World War II. ...more

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Scandal Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Tanie Kitabayashi Scandal is a 1950 film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. The film stars Toshirō Mifune, Takashi Shimura and Shirley Yamaguchi.

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Seven Samurai Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Eijirō Tōno Seven Samurai is a 1954 Japanese Jidaigeki adventure film co-written, edited, and directed by Akira Kurosawa. The film takes place in 1587 during the Warring States Period of Japan. It follows ...more

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Stray Dog Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Keiko Awaji Stray Dog is a 1949 Japanese police procedural film noir directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura. The film is considered a precursor to the contemporary police ...more

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Stray Dog Stray Dog is a 1973 crime drama film written by Azuma Morisaki, Ryûzô Kikushima and Akira Kurosawa and directed by Azuma Morisaki.

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The Hidden Fortress Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Makatari Fujiwara The Hidden Fortress is a 1958 jidaigeki film directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshiro Mifune as General Makabe Rokurōta and Misa Uehara as Princess Yuki.

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The Last Days of Hsin Yang Yau Tin, Sun Yei, Wu Xiu Fang The Last Days of Hsin Yang is a 1968 action adventure film written by Shinobu Hashimoto, Ryûzô Kikushima, Akira Kurosawa and Hideo Oguni and directed by Fu Di Lin.

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The Lower Depths Toshiro Mifune, Isuzu Yamada, Kyōko Kagawa The Lower Depths is a 1957 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa, based on the play The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorky. The film's setting was changed to Edo-period Japan.

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The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail Takashi Shimura, Yasuo Hisamatsu, Susumu Fujita The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail is a 1945 Japanese period drama film, written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. It is based on the kabuki play Kanjinchō, which is in turn based on the Noh ...more

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The Most Beautiful Takashi Shimura, Takako Irie, Yōko Yaguchi The Most Beautiful is a 1944 Japanese propaganda drama film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. The film is set in an optics factory during the Second World War.

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The Outrage Paul Newman, William Shatner, Edward G. Robinson The Outrage is a remake of the 1950 Japanese film Rashomon, reformulated as a Western. It was directed by Martin Ritt and is based on stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. Like the original Akira ...more

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The Sea is Watching Renji Ishibashi, Eiji Okuda, Masatoshi Nagase The Sea is Watching is a 2002 drama film directed by Kei Kumai.

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Throne of Blood Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Isuzu Yamada Throne of Blood is a 1957 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa. The film transposes the plot of William Shakespeare's play Macbeth to feudal Japan, with stylistic elements drawn from Noh

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Tora! Tora! Tora! Jason Robards Jr., Martin Balsam, Joseph Cotten Tora! Tora! Tora! is a 1970 American–Japanese war film that dramatizes the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The film was directed by Richard Fleischer and stars an ensemble cast, including ...more

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Tsubaki Sanjuro

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Uma Hideko Takamine Uma is a 1941 drama film directed by Kajirō Yamamoto.

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Yojimbo Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Tatsuya Nakadai Yojimbo is a 1961 jidaigeki film directed by Akira Kurosawa. It tells the story of a rōnin, portrayed by Toshiro Mifune, who arrives in a small town where competing crime lords vie for ...more