Movies Written By Ben Hecht

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This is a list of films written by Ben Hecht, screenwriter. This list of movies written by Ben Hecht is alphabetical and can be sorted for other bits of information such as who directed the film and what genre it falls under. These Ben Hecht screenplays are not unfinished works; they have all been produced and released somewhere in the world. Any unreleased Ben Hecht films are not included on this list. Ben Hecht has written some very iconic movies over the years, so if you're trying to find popular Ben Hecht films that you haven't seen already then this list is the perfect guide for doing so.

List features movies like Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach and more!

You can use this list to answer the questions, "What movies did Ben Hecht write?" and "How many movies did Ben Hecht write?"

This list includes almost all of Ben Hecht's screenplay credits. You can click on the names of the movies Ben Hecht wrote in order to find out more about each individual Ben Hecht film. Trailers for each movie can also be seen if you click on the video previews for these Ben Hecht films. (65 items)
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Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones, Bud Spencer

Released: 1957

Directed by: John Huston, Charles Vidor

A Farewell to Arms is a 1957 American DeLuxe Color CinemaScope drama film directed by Charles Vidor. The screenplay by Ben Hecht, based in part on a 1930 play by Laurence Stallings, was the ...more
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Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons, Jim Backus

Released: 1952

Directed by: Otto Preminger

Angel Face is a 1953 black-and-white film noir directed by Otto Preminger. The drama, filmed on location in Beverly Hills, California, features Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons.
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Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Ann Sheridan

Released: 1938

Directed by: Michael Curtiz

Angels with Dirty Faces is a 1938 American gangster film directed by Michael Curtiz and starring James Cagney, the Dead End Kids and Humphrey Bogart, along with Ann Sheridan and George Bancroft. ...more
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Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, Peter O'Toole

Released: 1967

Directed by: Val Guest, Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish, John Huston, Ken Hughes, + more

Casino Royale is a 1967 spy comedy film originally produced by Columbia Pictures starring an ensemble cast of directors and actors. It is loosely based on Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel. ...more
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John Wayne, Rita Hayworth, Claudia Cardinale

Released: 1964

Directed by: Henry Hathaway

Circus World is a 1964 drama film starring John Wayne, Claudia Cardinale and Rita Hayworth. It was directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Samuel Bronston, with a screenplay by Ben Hecht, ...more
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Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Martin Landau

Released: 1963

Directed by: Darryl F. Zanuck, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Rouben Mamoulian

Cleopatra is a 1963 epic historical drama film chronicling the struggles of Cleopatra VII, the young Queen of Egypt, to resist the imperial ambitions of Rome. It was directed by Joseph L. ...more

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Clark Gable, Hedy Lamarr, Eve Arden

Released: 1940

Directed by: King Vidor

Comrade X is a 1940 American comedy spy film directed by King Vidor and starring Clark Gable, Hedy Lamarr and Oskar Homolka.
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Dick Powell, Walter Slezake, Micheline Cheirel

Released: 1945

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Cornered is a 1945 film noir starring Dick Powell and directed by Edward Dmytryk. This is the second teaming of Powell and Dmytryk. Many scenes shot by cinematographer Harry J. Wild and Dmytryk ...more
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Shelley Winters, Debra Paget, Victor Mature

Released: 1948

Directed by: Robert Siodmak

Cry of the City is a 1948 black-and-white film noir directed by Robert Siodmak based on the novel by Henry Edward Helseth, The Chair for Martin Rome. Veteran film noir-writer Ben Hecht worked on ...more
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Released: 1932

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch

Design for Living is a comedy play written by Noël Coward in 1932. It concerns a trio of artistic characters, Gilda, Otto and Leo, and their complicated three-way relationship. Originally ...more
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Gary Cooper, Fredric March, Edward Everett Horton

Released: 1933

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch

Design for Living is a 1933 American pre-Code comedy film produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Fredric March, Gary Cooper, and Miriam Hopkins. Based on the 1932 play Design for ...more
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Dana Andrews, Farley Granger, Adele Jergens

Released: 1950

Directed by: Mark Robson

Edge of Doom is a 1950 black-and-white film noir directed by Mark Robson and starring Dana Andrews, Farley Granger, and Joan Evans.
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Alfred Hitchcock, George Sanders, Joel McCrea

Released: 1940

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

Foreign Correspondent is a 1940 American spy thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It tells the story of an American reporter who tries to expose enemy spies in Britain, a series of events ...more
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Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready

Released: 1946

Directed by: Charles Vidor

Gilda is a 1946 American black-and-white film noir directed by Charles Vidor and starring Rita Hayworth in her signature role as the ultimate femme fatale and Glenn Ford as a young thug. The ...more
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Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland

Released: 1939

Directed by: Sam Wood, George Cukor, Victor Fleming

Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer-winning 1936 novel. It was produced by David O. Selznick of Selznick International ...more

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Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons

Released: 1955

Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Guys and Dolls is a 1955 musical film starring Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine. The film was made by Samuel Goldwyn Productions and distributed by MGM. It was ...more

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Al Jolson, Frank Morgan, Madge Evans

Released: 1933

Directed by: Lewis Milestone

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum is a 1933 American musical comedy film directed by Lewis Milestone in the Depression. The film stars Al Jolson as Bumper, a popular New York tramp, and both romanticizes ...more
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Danny Kaye, Farley Granger, John Qualen

Released: 1952

Directed by: Charles Vidor

Hans Christian Andersen is a 1952 Hollywood musical film directed by Charles Vidor, with lyrics and music by Frank Loesser. The story was by Myles Connolly, screenplay written by Moss Hart and ...more
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Lucille Ball, Gene Lockhart, Freddie Miller

Released: 1947

Directed by: S. Sylvan Simon

Her Husband's Affairs is a 1947 American romantic comedy film, directed by S. Sylvan Simon for Columbia Pictures. It stars Lucille Ball, Franchot Tone, and Edward Everett Horton .
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James Stewart, Claudette Colbert, Edgar Kennedy

Released: 1939

Directed by: W. S. Van Dyke

It's a Wonderful World is a romantic screwball comedy-mystery, starring Claudette Colbert and James Stewart and directed by W. S. Van Dyke.
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Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Coleen Gray

Released: 1947

Directed by: Henry Hathaway

Kiss of Death is a 1947 film noir movie directed by Henry Hathaway and written by Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer from a story by Eleazar Lipsky. The story revolves around a former robber played ...more

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Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Hunt

Released: 1995

Directed by: Barbet Schroeder

Kiss of Death is a 1995 crime thriller film starring David Caruso, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicolas Cage, Helen Hunt, Ving Rhames, and Stanley Tucci, directed by Barbet Schroeder. The film is a very ...more

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Hedy Lamarr, Robert Taylor, Joseph Schildkraut

Released: 1939

Directed by: Jack Conway, Leslie Fenton

Lady of the Tropics is a 1939 romantic drama film written by Ben Hecht and directed by Jack Conway and Leslie Fenton.
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Sophia Loren, John Wayne, Rossano Brazzi

Released: 1957

Directed by: Henry Hathaway

Legend of the Lost is a 1957 Italian-American adventure film produced and directed by Henry Hathaway, shot in Technirama by Jack Cardiff, and starring John Wayne, Sophia Loren, and Rossano ...more

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Tallulah Bankhead, Hume Cronyn, Heather Angel

Released: 1944

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

This film is an American drama thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock from a story by John Steinbeck. The film stars Tallulah Bankhead with William Bendix. Also in the cast are Walter ...more

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