17 Sea Creatures That Totally Look Like Cartoons

Sea creatures are true masters of disguise. Some can change their color. Others are transparent. Some can morph shape, or blend in with the ocean’s floor, or even imitate coral. With the many tricks these ocean animals have up their fins, it’s a wonder that you would be surprised by any of their appearance-altering shenanigans. But just when you thought aquatic animals couldn’t get any stranger, these mystifying swimmers of the deep started dressing up like some favorite cartoon characters.

Yes, you read that right. Down in the depths of the ocean blue, in a place you’d least expect to see a beloved fictional character, there are oodles and oodles of ocean animals that look like cartoons. While you might expect to spot a Squidworth, a Nemo, or a Dory flipping around in the waters, how would you feel if you came nose-to-gills with figures from The Simpsons, some Looney Tunes all-stars, and even a comic book villain?

These deep sea doppelgangers serve as proof that everybody has a twin, even animated characters. What’s more, the link between martians and mammals, bottom feeders and flying insects, and fantasy and reality is that much more apparent with one look at these photos. Here are some maritime monsters like you’ve never seen them before. Scroll through to see plenty of sea creatures that look like cartoon characters, and wonder what other animated stars might look like if they had been born in the ocean rather than drawn by land dwellers.