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Weird History
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Along With The Sealed JFK Files, Here Are 10 Historical Documents Being Held From The Public–For Now

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Few things fuel conspiracy theories like learning that governments are actually hiding something. Though a tremendous amount of civic documentation in the United States is accessible to the public through various agencies' websites or via the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), when materials get locked away with years-long temporary seals speculation about their nature runs wild. While there are often legitimate reasons for withholding information from the public for a period of time - not wanting to interrupt ongoing investigations, keeping operational practices quiet, concealing vulnerable identities, etc. - withholding information from the public for long periods of time creates conjecture.

The FBI has a "vault" of sealed files, as do governments across the world. While it likely contains information on major cases ranging from the mundane to the highly controversial, a good deal of it will simply remain unknown for decades.

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