Sean Bean Just Found Out How 'Game Of Thrones' Ended And He's Cool With It

June 2, 2021 10.9k views

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for all of Game of Thrones.

Sean Bean, who played Ned Stark in of HBO's megahit series Game of Thrones, stopped following the show after his character's shocking death at the end of Season 1. As a result, the popular actor never knew how the show ended until a recent interview with The Times of London.

The interviewer asked if Bean thought the instantly controversial Game of Thrones ending had any parallels to Brexit, and Bean responded that he had neither kept up with the show nor seen the finale. Bean then asks the interviewer what happened at the end.

For those who have forgotten, Ned Stark's surviving children actually make out pretty well, with Bran becoming the king of Westeros, Sansa becoming the queen in the North, and Arya being allowed to live out her dreams of adventure and exploration.

"So, did Winterfell stay separate?" Bean asked. Yes, it did. "Oh, good for them."

All in all, things wrapped up pretty well for House Stark, and the (headless) former head of that house can be proud. So, don't count Sean Bean among the many, many angry viewers left wondering just what the heck was going on in that final season.