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All The Names Sean Combs Has Used Over The Years

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Does a Puff Daddy by any other name smell as confusing? The list of names Sean Combs has requested we all call him over the years may only be six monikers long, but it sure feels like more. So what does Sean Combs want to be called these days? And how does Puff Daddy's new new name stand up to the rest of them?

Mr. Combs, a multi-talented rapper/fashion designer/actor/businessperson/etc. to quite possibly infinity, hit the music scene in 1997. At the time, he was known as "Puff Daddy." From there, he morphed into P. Diddy, just Diddy, just Puffy, and then, in 2017, he really shook things up with the new name "Love" or "Brother Love." Then, the next day, he was all, "JK got u" and just stuck with Diddy. Also he was Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend. That's important to remember.

Celebrities with stage names are no rarity in Hollywood or the music industry, but seemingly only Puff Love Diddy has gone through so many identity crises. Fortunately, he has mostly spared his children (of which he has six - one for each nickname?!?!). With names like Justin, Chance, and Christian, they're no where near the worst celebrity baby names.

What can we do but vote up the Sean Combs names that most feel ~right~ and do the best we can to keep track of it all? Whether he will always be Puff Daddy to you, or you're more of a Diddy kind of person, put on a Sean John sweatsuit and cast your votes below.