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Sean Young Loves and Hookups

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Is Sean Young single? This list includes all of the celebrity men Sean Young dated, arranged by most recent. Sean Young relationships include actors, TV hosts, and other artists. 

Sean Young boyfriends are often in the entertainment industry as well, and Sean Young exes include recognizable names like actor James Woods. Of the people Sean Young dated, Sean Young boyfriend James Woods reportedly had the most contentious relationship with the star. It did not last very long between them. 

Sean Young husband Robert Lujan split from the actress in 2002. However, Sean Young married Robert Lujan again in 2011. 

  • Photo: John Kelly/WireImage

    Robert Lujan

    Sean Young and American actor and composer Robert Lujan were married for 11 years, from November 1990 to April 2002, when they divorced.

    They remarried in 2011. They share two children, Rio Kelly (born 1994) and Quinn Lee (1998).

    • John Kerwin

      American talk show host John Kerwin and Sean Young dated from 2008 to 2009.

      • Age: 46
      • Birthplace: Briarwood, New York
    • Sean Young dated Australian playwright, director, and poet Frank Howson in 2002.

      • Age: 69
      • Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
    • Sean Young and American actor James Woods had an affair in 1987 while they were co-stars in The Boost.

      • Age: 74
      • Birthplace: Vernal, Utah, United States of America