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12 Weird Seance Rules You Must Follow If You Want To Speak To The Dead 

Jacob Shelton
Updated February 6, 2020 28.6k views 12 items

We’re willing to bet that most of what people know about séances comes from movies like Drag Me to Hell and Paranormal Activity, but séances rarely (if ever) end in Ouija boards catching on fire or goat demons destroying the home of a couple of middle-class twentysomethings. Séances are meant to answer questions and provide a deeper understanding of the world we can’t see. To do that, you need séance rules, or at the very least, a loose set of guidelines to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

A séance can be an intense emotional experience, and if you go into it without taking the proper precautions, you can do anything from ruin everyone’s night to destroying yourself spiritually. If you’re curious about what séances are like, keep reading this handy guide for how to conduct yourself while in the mystical circle.

How do séances work? This is the most common question asked by people who are interested in making contact with something beyond their normal world. You can just sit in a circle with your friends and blindly ask a Ouija board some questions, but if you want to truly connect with something else, there are rules for séances that should be followed. Those rules vary depending on whether or not you’re on a first-name basis with your medium and what kind of séance you’re attending. It may sound confusing, but as you continue reading, everything will become much more clear. 

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Don't Be Rude To The Spirits
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As Patrick Swayze's character from Road House would say, "Be polite." Remember, you're inviting a guest into your space

On the other hand, if you're dealing with a presence that's being rude to you, it's always best to end the session politely and call it a day. 

Make Sure You Know The People At Your Séance
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Even if you're just trying to have fun, séances are transformative experiences where people open themselves up to mysteries beyond our understanding. Things can, and probably will, get weird. You want to make sure that the people with whom you share those experiences are open to the same things you are.

If you invite someone that you don't know to your séance, you have no way of knowing what their intentions are. Don't take the risk. 

Don't Drink And Séance
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Some mediums and spiritualists might say that by being drunk, you invite negative energy into your circle, but you also close yourself off to any positive energy that's floating around you.

Do yourself a favor and save the red wine for after the séance - you're going to need it. 

Keep Your Séance Room Clean
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If you believe in ectoplasmic mediums (spiritualists who can physically manifest something from another dimension while in a trance) and want to have a séance, you need to keep your special séance room clean and under control.

While the mediums can produce something from another place, they also often take in things from the room around them. One story suggests that while an ectoplasmic medium was in surgery, debris from the room where they were conducting a séance was found inside their abdomen.