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Laura Allan
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There's probably not a person alive who enjoys getting seasick. The rolling waves, the jostling, the bile rising in your stomach... you might get nauseated just thinking about it! For seasickness sufferers, it can feel like the only cure is to curl up in a corner and hope to die. And for those of you who blissfully wonder, what is getting seasick like? Count your blessings every time you go out on the water, for the rest of our sakes.

With all this in mind, you probably think you have a pretty good understanding of what seasickness is, right? Well, do you know that some of the great thinkers of history, including Darwin and Hippocrates, suffered from seasickness? Did you know that animals such as horses can get seasick? And that curling up in a corner to die can actually make it worse? See, there are some seasickness facts that even you didn't know.

Maybe you're looking for potential cures, or maybe you're just morbidly curious, but oh boy, do we have a nausea-inducing list of facts for you! You be the judge of which of these weird information tidbits are the most fascinating or gross, and try to remember, don't think about rolling waves. Just don't think about rolling waves.
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It Can Make You Vomit So Much That You Get Dehydrated

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There are no real serious health complications from a bout of seasickness, except for one. When you vomit, you remove fluids from your body, and that can dehydrate you, especially if you can't keep anything down. Enough dehydration can cause fainting and low blood pressure, both of which can make your trip even more miserable. So it's always a good idea to see the ship's medic when you start throwing up.
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One Natural Remedy Involves Chewing Cloves of Raw Garlic

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Bad breath or vomiting, you choose! Honestly, though, the remedy suggests that you chew raw cloves of garlic from the beginning of the voyage to the very end, not just when you start to feel sick. Sure, your smell might make other people on the ship feel nauseated, but that's their problem, not yours.
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Expecting to Be Seasick Actually Makes You Seasick

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Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Well, if you've been seasick once, and hated it so much that you're genuinely scared of it happening again, you can actually cause yourself to be more sick! That's right, people who have been seasick may have stronger symptoms next time around because they're anxious about it. That anxiety is a huge risk factor for seasickness. So chill out, or you could be tossing your lunch over the railing all the sooner.
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Seasickness Is Caused By Your Brain Not Understanding How You Feel

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Some people think that seasickness is just caused from getting dizzy, but that's not entirely true. More accurately, your brain cannot connect the feeling of your body's motion to what your eyes are seeing. In short, you're jiggling and swaying and your brain has no clue why, and it flips out. That's why closing your eyes, staring at a fixed point, and even swimming in the cruise ship's pool can often calm some of the nausea