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9 Reasons Why Season 4 Is The Most Underrated Season Of 'The Legend Of Korra'

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The Legend of Korra gets unnecessary hate from certain fans. Yes, it's very different from The Last Avatar — but that's kind of the point. While everyone has an opinion on their favorite LOK season, here are some underrated reasons why the final season was everything and then some.  

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    Kuvira And Su Go Head To Head In One Of The Most Impeccable Battles

    The fight between Kuvira and Su might just be the best fight of the entire season. In this scene, we see both of the season four villains going head to head. It's fast, intense, and truly metalbending at its finest. When Su throws Kuvira over the railing only for Kuvira to use it as leverage: impeccable. Kuvira and Su are evenly matched, and yet it's clear that Kuvira is a slightly more strategic fighter. Su makes the mistake of donning metal armor, which Kuvira ultimately bends to chuck Su out of the fight. A masterpiece, all of it. 

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    The Flying Squirrel Brigade Makes Its Debut

    The Avatar universe never misses with its cast of characters, and the LOK crew is just as fun. No objections at this point in time. One underrated bunch we get to see more of in season four is the Flying Squirrel Brigade, a.k.a. the next generation of do-gooder airbenders. Mostly, fans love their new outfits. That's not to say every scene with Jinora (not pictured) in it isn't a gift, because they are. All of them. 

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    The Battle Of Zaofu Moves Korra's Story Along 

    Fans might not enjoy watching Korra get absolutely annihilated by her opponents each season - but that's a conversation for another time. Korra taking another L aside, the Battle of Zaofu provides us with another opportunity to witness different bending abilities and techniques. This fight also whets our appetites for the final fight of the season. While Korra didn't win, this fight was a pivotal moment in overcoming her trauma.  

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    Korrasami Surprised Fans In The Best Way Possible

    If Zhu Li and Varrick's wedding was the cherry on top, Korrasami was the watermelon. While Zhu Li and Varrick were an expected and satisfying endgame couple, Korrasami was what almost no one asked for or saw coming but what we nevertheless deserved. Who wants to enjoy just one cherry with their ice cream sundae when you can enjoy an entire watermelon instead? Finally, a ship with Korra in it that makes sense!

    Korrasami not only gave us great LGBTQ+ representation, but they also gave some great insight into how to make relationships work. They support each other in ways that teach us how to love faithfully.

    Korrasami is definitely not underrated, but this canon-certified couple is one of the reasons why the fourth season was superb.  

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