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9 Reasons Why Season 4 Is The Most Underrated Season Of 'The Legend Of Korra'

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The Legend of Korra gets unnecessary hate from certain fans. Yes, it's very different from The Last Avatar — but that's kind of the point. While everyone has an opinion on their favorite LOK season, here are some underrated reasons why the final season was everything and then some.  

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    Kuvira And Su Go Head To Head In One Of The Most Impeccable Battles

    The fight between Kuvira and Su might just be the best fight of the entire season. In this scene, we see both of the season four villains going head to head. It's fast, intense, and truly metalbending at its finest. When Su throws Kuvira over the railing only for Kuvira to use it as leverage: impeccable. Kuvira and Su are evenly matched, and yet it's clear that Kuvira is a slightly more strategic fighter. Su makes the mistake of donning metal armor, which Kuvira ultimately bends to chuck Su out of the fight. A masterpiece, all of it. 

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    Kuvira's Villain Introduction Is One Of The Best

    Thus far, each LOK season has introduced fans to villains with exceptional talents. With Kuvira serving as the final villain of the series, she has big shoes to fill following Amon, Unalaq, and Zaheer and the Red Lotus. But right off the bat, it's clear that Kuvira isn't to be underestimated. In episode one, we get to see just how lethal of a metalbender Kuvira is — a scene that is truly underrated. This scene sets the tone for the impeccable bending we have a front-row seat to for the rest of season four. 

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    Fans Saw Some Awesome Feats Of Lavabending

    Blink and you might miss it, but there is lavabending in season four. While metalbending is the obvious topic of conversation this season, that doesn't mean we still shouldn't discuss the other earthbending abilities the LOK series introduced fans to. The Legend of Korra doesn't get enough credit for advancing the bending techniques and styles we first saw in The Last Airbender. Lavabending is arguably one of the coolest abilities to come out of LOK. Can you imagine trying to fight off literal lava in a fight? Lavabending is next level, and fans are glad they got to see Bolin come into his own as an expert lavabender in the final season.  

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    Toph Returns Triumphantly

    It wouldn't be a spin-off without any star-studded cameos. While most of us have a lot of love for LOK, we can't deny there's a special place in our hearts reserved for the original cast of characters. And, after three seasons, we finally get to see fan-favorite Toph stage her return. She might have aged, but she's still a lovable and hilarious wisecracker unafraid of putting anyone in their place. Say what you want about the final season of LOK, but Toph's presence was exactly what the doctor prescribed. More Toph content please! 

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