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The 11 Most Awful Incidents to Ever Happen at SeaWorld

For some, two of the most frightening things in the world are giant sea creatures and water parks, so why someone decided to combine those two things and create SeaWorld boggles some people's minds. Judging by some of the things that have happened at SeaWorld, the best you can hope for is to show up on a day that will have you waiting in long lines without the ability to really do anything, because the alternative seems too horrible to imagine. This list of awful SeaWorld incidents and SeaWorld slayings may have you turning in your season pass.

Not all of the people on this list were harmed by stray bits of park machinery or the sea life; some of them just suffered the misfortune of floating in a lazy river during a freak lightning storm.

From SeaWorld Orlando to SeaWorld San Diego, there have been many incidents at SeaWorld parks. Read on to learn more about these tragic SeaWorld slayings and other incidents and remember that as cute as SeaWorld animals seem, there is a dark side to these amusement parks.